Book Drop Locations

The Eisenhower Library offers three book drop locations - two outside the building and one inside.


The driveway that runs behind the Library, from Wilson into the parking lot, features a book drop, with separate drawers for audiovisual items and books.

To the left of the main entrance are separate drawers for audiovisual items and books.


At the Library Services (check out) desk, there is a book drop right next to the brick pillar, at the leftmost end of the desk.

If you have audiovisual items to drop off inside, we ask that you put them on the countertop for library staff to retrieve.

Why do we separate out audiovisual items?

Audiovisual items such as CDs, DVDs, video games, Playaways, and Nooks are delicate and can be damaged by a heavy book dropping on top of them or by being jammed too close together. We ask that you look after any materials you check out, but these items need a little extra care.