The Library User


The Eisenhower Public Library District, with its helpful expert staff, offers library service in a friendly environment to all residents of Harwood Heights and Norridge.
Outstanding service begins with the staff, which is dedicated to our patron needs. It is important that the Board, Administration and Public support this philosophy.
The Library is the community meeting place where people can interact. The Library has become the focal point in the community. This positive role as a friendly place for community members to gather is fostered by the Board and staff.

Library User's Rights and Obligations

  1. The public library is provides access to materials on a variety of subjects to all patrons.
  2. Library material is provided in various formats.    
  3. Information on all subjects is available to the public.
  4. Patrons should respect the rights of fellow patrons in the Library.    
  5. Patrons should be clear and reasonable with their requests for library material.
  6. Patrons should take the time to become acquainted with all library services.
  7. Patrons should convey their needs so that the Board and staff can respond to their requests in accordance with the Library's Mission Statement and budget constraints.
  8. Outstanding service costs money. The community should recognize this and should support the Library's efforts to provide services.
  9. Citizens have a responsibility and a duty to participate either as library trustees and/or voter in library elections. Citizens should realize that libraries are political entities and therefore are affected either positively or negatively by their elected officials.
  10. Citizens who run for the office of library trustee must have a positive attitude and the ability to dedicate time, effort and knowledge in the support of library service to the community. A citizen running for the office of trustee must be willing to be educated in library issues and politics. A candidate must be able to work with a group of fellow trustees toward promoting, improving, and educating the community on library services. All candidates should be open-minded and not promote one issue.
  11. Library users should:
  • know the staff is there to assist you.
  • be courteous to staff and fellow users.
  • observe the rules of the Library.
  • handle materials with care and return materials on time.
  • provide feedback as to how the Library is fulfilling their needs both positively and negatively. User feedback is needed to monitor services.
  • understand that library service is technology based.
  • know that the librarians (Director, Head of Answers, Kid’s World, Community Services, Library Services) are professionally trained and have a Masters degree in Library Science in addition they are educated in library management, and other professional skills that are needed to provide library service.
  • know that the staff attends various workshops where in they interact and exchange information pertaining to performance of their job and making the Library a more efficient patron place.

General Rules of Conduct

  1. The Library is a smoke free and tobacco free building.
  2. Shoes are required to be worn in the Library.
  3. Food and beverages are allowed in the Library
  4. Illicit possession, distribution or use of controlled drugs or substances is prohibited in the Library.
  5. Possession, distribution or use of explosives, firearms, or other dangerous weapons or instruments is prohibited in the Library.   
  6. Solicitation within the Library is not permitted.

Problem Behavior

Library patrons of all ages have the right to expect that the Library will be safe and comfortable.

Users of the library facilities have responsibilities as well as rights and are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the stated policies of the Board, which are authorized under the Public Library District Act, Chapter 75, Illinois Compiled Statutes.  (75 ILCS 16/30-55.55).  Procedures for handling problem behavior are outlined in the Emergency Procedures Manual

Disturbing and Disruptive Situations

Examples: Loud obtrusive sound in excess of normal intensity or volume; damage to property; and bad behavior will not be tolerated.

  1. Request to Stop: The patron will be notified that his/her behavior is unacceptable and be requested to stop immediately.
  2. Refusal to Comply: If, following a Request to Stop, the patron refuses to comply, or responds to the request in an abusive manner, he/she will be required to leave the Library premises.

Dangerous, Deviate or Illegal Behavior

When staff becomes aware of this kind of behavior they should immediately notify the librarian in charge. If further assistance is needed, security is notified and, if necessary, the police will be called.

Repeat Offenders

The Librarian(s) in Charge may require a patron to surrender his/her library card for a determined period of time and/or be excluded from the Library for a period of time commensurate with the offense, which will be determined by the Librarian(s) in Charge. A warning letter may be sent if it is a less serious first offense or if it is a serious offense VIOLATION OF BEHAVIOR POLICY NOTICE (APPENDIX – 7D) may be issued. A photo may be taken.


Any problem behavior should be reported to the Library Director, Department Heads and Security. If necessary general staff will be informed on an INCIDENT REPORT FORM (APPENDIX - 7A).  If a child age 17 or under is involved, such instances may be reported either in writing or orally to the parent or guardian. If the incident involves physical damage to Library Property INCIDENT DAMGE TO LIBRARY PROPERTY FORM (APPENDIX – 7B) should be filled out and given to the Library Director, Department Heads and Security. If a patron has an accident, the PATRON ACCIDENT REPORT FORM (APPENDIX – 7C) should be filled out and given to the Library Director, Department Heads and Security.


Persons wishing to appeal these actions may do so upon written request to the Library Director.

Harassment - Members of the Public

Members of the public are encouraged to report any incidents of harassment to the Director or the person in charge. If a member of the public harasses an employee, the reporting procedures are the same as those for an employee incident. The procedure for a reported case of harassment is out-lined in the PERSONNEL section of the Eisenhowe Library policy manual.

Drug Free-Workplace Act

The Library, as a drug-free workplace, is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees as well as the public, and to complying with the Federal and State Drug Free Workplace Act.

Levels of Conversation

There are three levels of speaking volume allowed in the Library. Every area of the library is designated by one of these colors which determine the speaking tones. These speaking levels will be posted.

  • Green Level – Is the volume needed to conduct business or hold normal social conversation.  (Our community has many residents who are hard of hearing therefore the volume level needed for them to conduct business is unrestricted.)
  • Yellow Level – is the volume is moderate level of tone of voice quieter than a social level used which is used to be respectful of library patrons near you.
  • Red Level – is silent.  Patrons are not allowed to speak in these areas.

Patrons are not allowed to set their own standards. The interpretation of conversation levels is has been predetermined by the staff.