Lost or Damaged Library Materials

Patrons will be billed for lost library materials. In addition to the cost of the item, patrons will be charged a non-refundable processing fee of $5.00 per item.

In some circumstances, patrons may purchase a replacement copy of the lost item and pay the non-refundable processing fee of $5.00 per item. The purchase of an exact replacement is limited to the following criteria: the item must have been published/released within the last twelve months and must be in one of these formats: book, compact disc, DVD, console game or Blu-Ray. The replacement item must be new and all media items must still be in their original packaging, unopened. 

In the event that a patron loses an item on loan from another library, the patron must pay the replacement cost and the processing fee for the material. A replacement copy may not be purchased.

Refunds for lost items will only be issued thirty days from the date of payment and if the item is returned in good condition. All refunds are at the discretion of the library.