April 2018 Grounds Committee Minutes

A Meeting of the Eisenhower Public Library District Board of Trustees Building and Grounds Committee April 19, 2018
Trustee Sticha, committee chair, called the meeting to order at 7:03 P.M.
Present: Sticha, Braun, Magnelli, Rothbart, Ringelstein, Ross.
Absent: Magnuson.
Also Present: Wittmann, Bacarella.
Landscape RFP—
We have submitted the Landscaping RFP to our attorney for review. We have not heard back as of yet.  Director Wittmann recommends calling a Special Board meeting within the next two weeks in order to approve the RFP. She is mainly looking for feedback on timing the dates. One of Tom Melody’s associates is looking at the RFP. We need to make sure we have time in publishing of the RFP and the walk through. Director Wittmann does not want the Board to vote on the RFP today. Trustee Sticha thinks there should be additional maintenance from the company who wins the bid for a certain amount of months after planting. It is best time to plant in the spring. Trustee Magnelli wants to know if plantings are covered or guaranteed for a certain amount of time.   
Anne Roberts Gardens Proposal for Tree Trimming and Root Shaving—
Director Wittmann received a proposal from Anne Roberts Gardens to prune the pear tree in the courtyard on the corner of Wilson and Oketo and to pull up the pavers that are popping up and shave down the roots that are causing the pavers to pop up. They would then replace the pavers. This work is outside the scope of any proposal we received from them in the past. The raised pavers and the branches are becoming a hazard.
Trustee Rothbart wants to know what happens if the tree dies from the shaving of the roots. Director Wittmann will ask Anne Roberts. Trustee Sticha wants to know about water bottle water fountains. Director Wittmann advised that we have the fountains and we just need to have them installed by a plumber.  
Trustee Ross moved, Seconded by Mark Braun, THAT THE MEETING BE ADJOURNED. A voice vote was taken and the motion carried. The Committee Meeting was adjourned at 7:19 P.M.