April Red Feather Reads

While we have a lot to talk about concerning the Romantic Times Convention this year please enjoy the following reviews until our next meeting later in May.

Undaunted Courage by Stephen E. Ambrose
This is not a romance but our review wanted to let others know about this great book. This is an American adventure of epic proportions. Our characters (Lewis and Clark) are on a journey across what will one day be known as America while they face overwhelming odds of survival. Their courage serves them well in the face of adversity.

Artemisia by Alexandra Lapierre
Didn’t like it at first, but it grew on the reader. Her relationship with husband starts to be a love story about 1/3 of the way in. She leaves him, something unheard of at the time, to pursue her art. Husband has issues. Reader is about halfway through, and racing to finish reading.

The Tattooed Duke by Maya Rodale
Big disappointment for two readers. The sex is almost non-existent until the end—but he’s been painted as a roguish adventurer with no restraints! It’s thick and frustrating because the characters go in circles.Meh.

My Lady Captor by Hannah Howell aka. Anna Jennet
Should have been a neat premise. She wants to ransom the hero to raise money for her brother’s ransom. The hero is seething that a WOMAN captured him. It doesn’t stop them from having sex with each other. Later he turns the tables and captures HER, too. And the plot goes on for ever. It took too long.

Breakaway by Deirdre Martin
The descriptions about the town was the best part of the book. Everything else was meh to wallbanger. Our main character gives her love interest the “marry me or else” ultimatum, and he leaves her. Three years later, he wants her back. Secondary mother character is very unlikeable. Heroine is a wuss. Her “I’m never going to be good enough” attitude is grating. Three out of three readers didn’t like it.

Real Men Will by Victoria Dahl
The main character thinks she had sex with him, but it’s really the older brother. They met at a trade show. Later they actually meet, and sparks fly. Just the right amount of tension and conflict. Women are strong characters.

Tempted Again by Cathie Linz
Good read though one fault of the book is that its pop culture references will age quickly. A few coincidences? Yes. But a lighthearted read.   

The Principal's Office by Jasmine Haynes
Great premise, but unresolved issues. Our reviewer couldn’t finish the book. It suggests that it might be explicit, but is not really.