April Red Feather Reads

Cover image of the book You Slay Me featuring an image of a woman entering a cafe doorYou Slay Me by Katie MacAlister

If you're not sure about paranormal romance this is a good series to see if you enjoy the genre. 

Aisling Grey is sent to deliver a package to a client. It sounds simple enough but mayhem seems to follow Aisling from one place to another. Her client is found murdered and she meets a mysterious man named Drake who vanishes without a trace along with her package.  Wanted for questioning by the authorities Aisling is determined to find the real killer and hunt down the hunky yet infuriating Drake.  Her search brings up more than she bargained for along with the revelation that she is a Guardian, like guarding the gates of Hell type of guardian.  Full of humor and sarcastic wit Katie MacAlister creates a series that is not to be missed.

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