August and September Reads

An Afternoon with a Scandalous Marquess book coverWe hope everyone enjoyed their summer and want to share what we've been reading over the past two months.  We would also like to remind you that the Red Feather Society has been meeting on the 4th Monday of the month.  We hope our readers can make it to our new meeting time.  If you cannot but still would like to participate please leave comments about what you are enjoying in the romance genre so that we may share them with others.  Thanks!  

An Afternoon with a Scandalous Marquess  by Alexandra Hawkins
This book had been set up so much in the other books that by the time it was written, it was almost a non-book. You knew that the h/h were together in the other books (he’s fallen and had a relationship with the Madam). The dialog felt rushed. A little disappointed. Normally has very, very strong heroines in her books. Not so much this one. Part of the Lords of Vice series.  

Bridesmaid Lotto  by Rachel Astor
Book 1 in the series (McMaster the Disaster). Mom enters her into a lotto to be a bridesmaid for a famous celebrity. Heroine doesn’t know this. Brother-in-law is also a celeb and heroine has a crush on him. He likes her because she’s not “Hollywoodfake.” Lots of humorous disasters. So far this is only available on Kindle.

How to Drive a Dragon Crazy  by G.A. Aiken
It's no secret that we all love G.A. Aiken's series. This book has been a long time coming and while it was well received by all of our readers some thought it was about 100 pages too long.  Izzy and Eibhear finally get their own book. This story is set about 10 years later, and both characters have matured and gone through a lot of battles. With much interference from friends and family they finally get together. One of the great parts of this series is that you always get to see your favorite characters from other books and this title doesn't let you down.

Ravishing the Heiress  by Sherry Thomas
Millicient (Millie) has been brought up in a very specific way. She never complains, she is to keep her thoughts and emotions to herself and she is GOING to marry her family into the aristocracy no matter what. So at young age she marries Fitz, an earl whose poverty has forced the (unwanted) match upon him. Since they are both so young Millie asks him if they can wait for the wedding night (for 8 years) to which he agrees. Over those years they become best friends but never lovers. Now the 8 years are up but before they make their marriage official Fitz's first love breezes back into London as a widow.  Will he decide to go back to the  first love he was forced to abandon or will he make Millie his wife in reality?  This book was a breath of fresh air.  The story and characters were fully developed and you really felt for both of them.  Too often the hero gets the short end of the stick but Sherry made you feel how unfair both their circumstances are. A truly engaging read highly recommended.

Sins of a Virgin  by Anna Randol
Madeline was once a spy for the crown, but with the war over she's now dropped from the payroll. The world thinks she's a courtesan, in reality she's untouched but not totally innocent. What she does need is money. She waltzes into White's with an outrageous proposal: to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder.  Gabriel is a bow street runner who has spent the past seven years hunting for his sister's killer. Now as Madeline's bodyguard he finally has access to members of the ton who are potential suspects.  The manhunt is on; after seven years the killer has struck again. Can Gabriel keep Madeline safe? Does she even need him too? This was a fun read, not too steamy yet full of secrets and lies.  I really enjoyed how Madeline as a former spy can take care of herself but was also able to not be too proud to ask for help when she needed it. Recommended read.