June Red Feather Reads

We're back again and can't wait for you to take a peek at what we have been reading this past month.  Lots of different genres were explored so take a look and we hope you find something great to read on these hot summer nights.

More than a Stranger  by Erin Knightly
I thought this book would be really good. It dragged for me. You don’t even get a kiss until halfway through the book. If you want any bedroom action in a book, don’t pick up this one. Only the last 50 pages are worth reading.

Distracting the Duchess  by Emily Bryan
The heroine is an artist who mistakes him for her next nude model. He’s a spy trying to uncover secrets her father left behind. But he does what she wants in order to keep his cover. He’s also being told to marry her sister. She finally gets outraged at his shenanigans. She gets involved in trying to find the secret key to her father's past. I like that the heroine wasn’t ditzy, but still strong within her era’s limitations.

Coveted  by Shawntelle Madison
Three words; OCD hoarder werewolf, need I say more? Loved the heroine: an outcast  werewolf who cannot stand dirt (hard to do when you’re wolfy). She also seeks out  Christmas ornaments like her life depends on it. As a werewolf, she can’t defend herself and is kicked out of the pack because of her illness. A really good first novel with lots of elements of comedy. Pick it up and read.

Fifty Shades of Grey  by E.L. James
Well here we are. Finally writing something about the much-discussed book of the year. If stringing together of words to form sentences that don't make you cringe is something that you value in your reading material then this book is not for you. It's not even about the subject or the plot, it's the inner dialogue of the main character that will cause the reader more pain than Mr. Grey is able to dish out. Three out of three readers agree: this is a badly written book which you should not bother reading. If you are interested in the genre there are better writers out there than this.

Coming up Roses  by Catherine Anderson
Heroine had an abusive husband. He dies, and she buries him under the rose bushes. The hunky neighbor’s dog ends up digging up the rose bushes! They meet, and sparks fly. However, he ends up rescuing the heroine's daughter from a well full of snakes. He gets bitten, and she takes care of him while he recovers. Lots of plot twists. Reads fast, and has funny moments.