May Red Feather Reads

A Week to be Wicked book coverWe had some really good books this month so take a look below and we're sure you will find something to your liking.  

A Week to be Wicked  by Tessa Dare
I have tried Tessa before and found her writing unable to keep my attention, but after getting this title at the RT convention in Chicago I decided to give her another try. I have to say that I am glad I did and am actually eagerly awaiting her next book. I really enjoyed the character development and the story. The characters are total opposites and the author does a great jobwith their bantering. The prim and proper heroine is a lady of good breeding but loves science and geology. When she makes a huge historical discovery she asks the hero to run off with her to present her findings and the adventure begins. This one is not to be missed.

God Save the Queen  by Kate Locke
This is the first in the series. One of those “What if” stories set in an alternate future, King George was a vampire and so was all of the ton. It's now 2012 and vampire Queen Victoria is still alive and the reigning monarch. The class system is going strong and not everyone has supernatural abilities. Those who are half bloods are there to protect the monarchy and the lowly humans are not happy with the system. It was a really fun read and I want to read more from this universe. Plays on all the British class ideas (royal inbreeding anyone?) Shapeshifters too! Werewolves from Scotland. Goblins are what happen when vamps and weres mate (age old question answered!)

Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors  by Molly Harper
Sooooo...I started out really enjoying this series but I really think it should have ended after the third book. This fourth book has cemented the series into the "cozy vampire" category for me. (It kinda hurts me to even know such a category exists). Don't expect these vampires to actually seek revenge on a human who is trying to kill them. Cuz ya know that's not nice.  The only reason to even read the book is to see the main characters get married and to introduce readers to a new character who is the lead of the next book. If you enjoy vampires who let their food walk out on them when they are lying poisoned and dying on the floor go ahead and read the next book.  I however expect my long lived vampires to value their lives above their manners and snack on the unsuspecting human instead of letting them leave with promises to return with bottles of blood. Oh well.

Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal  by Grace Burrowes
The latest in Grace's Regency series is a delight. Scandals and secrets abound as Lady Maggie attempts to hire an investigator to find something she has lost.  If this item is found in the wrong hands it will spell disaster for her and her family.  Benjamin is a Lord that has always found what the wealthy members of the ton pay him for and he keeps their secrets well. When Lady Maggie hires him to find her missing item the closer he gets to her secrets the harder he falls for her.  Bravo Ms. Burrowes!

Lover Reborn  by J. R. Ward
The 10th book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series was much better than the 9th, (it was a flop). The story was a little slow in the middle with character detail but don't let that stop you from finishing it. The rest of the book is well worth it and you really connect with the characters by the end. Don't worry if you start the book not liking Tohr (male lead) by the end of the book you will want to read his story again.

She Tempts the Duke  by Lorraine Heath
This tale tells the story of a girl who risks everything to help the hero and his brothers escape a vengeful family member. When he finally returns to seek revenge he keeps his distance in order to smother any feelings that he has for her. Obviously it doesn't work very well. The story wasn't groundbreaking but a decent read.

My Lord Scandal  by Emma Wildes
A historical title and you don't really get the plot until the end of the book.  That detail has our reader frantically trying to finish the story so the author has done well. A hint of Romeo and Juliet as the two main characters are from families that have long standing feuds but are being pushed together by an outside force that is trying to reveal old family secrets...but for what purpose?