October Reads

Sunrise with a Notorious Lord book coverFor those of you who could not join us in October here are the books we talked about. Remember that Red Feather meets the 4th Monday of the month at 7:00pm at the Eisenhower Public Library District.

Sunrise with a Notorious Lord  by Alexandra Hawkins
The Lords of Vice are back with Christopher Courtland who is looking for a feminine challenge. Enter Miss Isobel Thorne whose one brave deed piques Courtland's interest and the game is on.  Their battle of wills also brings in some of our favorite characters from other books and as everyone knows it is always great to catch up with old friends. We love that Alexandra Hawkins characters have depth with real background details (and not just the main cast). She delivers spicy love scenes that are consistant throughout her series and we look forward to more of her stories.

Kiss of Steel  by Bec McMaster
Heroine Honoria Todd just wants to keep herself and her siblings safe from the "blue bloods" - aristocrats infected with vampirism in an alternate version of Victorian London. Blade, rogue blue blood and ruler of Whitechapel, wants Honoria to use against an enemy, and for himself.  Our two leads are both deeply flawed, but are logical with each other, which is refreshing.  The book is a little long, and obviously sets up the next in the series, but the world is fascinating. The steampunk elements are window-dressing, this is a paranormal romance.

Riveted  by Meljean Brook
Third book set in the same world as her other Iron Seas steampunk novels.  These have been getting better and so far Riveted is the best. Our hero is maimed via volcano and now has steampunk prosthesis (the cool kind) but is reviled by his town as he is now polluted himself with tech. Our heroine hails from a society of women hidden for hundreds of years. This secret comes into light by our hero who is looking for his mother who was from their society. The relationship is believable and they are great together.

Wild for You  by Sophia Knightly
Cop Clay is on the hunt for a stalker who is after his best friend's sister. Too bad she doesn’t know her brother has sent him to watch over her cuz he's kinda cute. Things in their relationship are not cut and dry and it's kinda weird to have a relationship when the guy wont take off his shirt. An embarrassing tattoo causes much strife in therelationship and questions arise. Could Clay be her stalker? Beauty shop owner’s brother is Clays best friend. Is the stalker one of her clients? Fast-paced action complete with obligatory stalker kidnapping = Cop fail. If you enjoy this book, read about her brother's book Sold on You (contemporary romance no kidnapping/suspense).

Tempting the Bride  by Sherry Thomas
The Fitzhughs are back! Seen in Ravishing the Heiress Sherry gives us the story of Helena, a strongheaded member of the ton who runs her own publishing house...and is in love with a married man! David is an old friend of her brothers and has loved Helena forever. Unfortunately for him his rakish ways don't put him on her radar and to her David is a villian of the first order. That is, until David sacrifices himself on the altar of matrimony in order to keep the scandal of Helena's affair with a married man a secret. Helena is trapped to wed a man she loathes when a carriage accident causes her to lose her memories of David and her secret love.  Will David be able to start anew with Helena? And what will happen when she gets her memories back? Yes it sounds like a clichéd soap opera but it is written very well. Sherry Thomas gives us a great love triangle that shows readers that nothing worth having is ever easy.