Mini Comic Con

Don your cape, tights and mask, then drop in at Eisenhower to join hundreds of fans at our annual Mini Comic Con, a celebration of the best in pop culture. Have fun with everything geeky: comics, toys, video gaming, television, original art, collectibles, anime, manga, our big costume contest, and more! Saturday, July 9th - 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Check out our special guests and stay tuned for even more information as it develops.


Gene Ha
Eisner Award winning artist on Top Ten, Batman:Fortunate Son and Justice League.

Mitch O’Connell
Freelance artist of comics, band posters, gallery paintings, tattoo flash, and more.

Tom Bacon
Co-creator and artist of The Breakouts webcomic.

Serena Guerra
Comic artist and colorist of The Mice Templar.

Ali Cantarella
Chicago-based illustrator and creator of  The Hasty Pastry webcomic.

Jeff Moy
Concept artist for X-Men Legends and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance video games.

Philip Moy
Artist for Malibu, Marvel, DC, and Mirage Studios.

Angel Onofre
Chicago-based animator and illustrator.

Stephanie Stanga
Freelance artist and animator.

Kurt Wood
Artist for Aw Yeah Comics, creator of Rumpuss and Wunderwear.

Justin Castaneda
Writer and illustrator from the south side of Chicago.

Ashley Riot
Illustrator, writer, model, and gamer.

Leo Perez
Artist and illustrator.

Scott Beaderstadt
Artist and Co-creator of the self-published comic Trollords.

Lisa Maggiore
Author of Ava the Monster Slayer.

Ross Felton
Artist, illustrator, and designer.

Bill Reinhold
Artist and inker for Marvel, DC, and First Comics.

Linda Lessmann Reinhold
Colorist for Marvel, DC, and First Comics.

Artists and vendors are by invitation only.

Additional parking is available on Wilson and Olcott. Comic Con character drawings by Naomi Timpe.