Become a Trustee

Our Board of Trustees is made up of 7 elected individuals who live in Norridge or Harwood Heights. They donate their time and energies in many ways:

  • Attend board meetings
  • Preview the board meeting agenda, minutes, and documents before each board meeting
  • Participate in discussion and decision making at board meetings
  • Stand by decisions made by the board
  • Serve on committees as assigned by the Chair
  • Commit time outside of board meetings for the work of the board, as necessary and appropriate
  • Participate in activities sanctioned by the board, such as fundraising or public relations in the community
  • Represent the library at community events—be visible and accessible to those your represent
  • Become informed about library issues through participation in the regional library system, the Illinois Library Association, and the American Library Association
  • Become informed about state laws that govern public libraries in Illinois
  • Become an advocate for the library community
  • As with any position of responsibility and accountability, library trusteeship calls for adherence to high standards of ethical behavior [source]

Board member terms are staggered and elections happen every few years, depending on a Trustee's term length. We will post information on our website when a board position is open in the future.