Excel 2016 Series

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 -
6:00pm to 8:30pm
In this two-part class, you'll learn:

In Part 1: 
  • How to identify and navigate the basic parts of an Excel Worksheet (Spreadsheet) and Workbook
  • How to maneuver and enter data into cells
  • Excel's different styling options
  • How to use a template
  • The structure of formulas/date ranges in Excel and be able to use AutoSum
  • How to print and save your work

In Part 2:
  • How to sort and filter 
  • How to use mail merge
  • How to work in multiple sheets
  • How to rename Sheets
  • How to create an Invoice/Working with Headers and Cell borders
  • Pivot Tables

Before taking this class, you should have:
  • Some experience typing and using a computer mouse
  • A basic understanding of how programs and windows work

Registration starts August 5th for Norridge and Harwood Heights residents with valid library cards. Online registration for everyone starts August 12th.
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