February 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

The Regular Meeting of the Eisenhower Public Library District Board of Trustees February 15, 2018
Trustee Braun called the meeting to order at 7:30 P.M.
Present: Sticha, Braun, Magnuson, Ross, Rothbart. 
Absent: Ringelstein, Magnelli.
Also Present: Wittmann, Bacarella, Tomzik, Stam, Lewis, McPhillips, Sciaccotta, V. Bitters.
No Report.
Trustee Ross moved, seconded by Trustee Magnuson, THAT THE MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING HELD JANUARY 18, 2018 BE APPROVED.  A voice vote was taken and the motion carried.
Director Wittmann advised that we will be receiving our tax money next month.  Trustee Rothbart asked about the charges under the Library equipment line item. Director Wittmann advised that these charges were for the Mobile hotspots and the mobility phones. 
Trustee Magnuson moved, seconded by Trustee Sticha, THAT REGULAR PARKWAY CHECKS 25335 HROUGH 25429 TOTALING $95,126.30 FOR THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY; MANUAL PAYMENTS TOTALING $11,454.57 FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY; MANUAL CHECK 25333 IN THE AMOUNT $32.00 FOR THE MONTH OF JANUARY; CHECK 25198, 25268, 25334 VOID; JANUARY NET WAGES TOTALING $100,722.99; JANUARY PAYROLL TAXES IN THE AMOUNT OF $44,854.59; AND JANUARY IMRF GOV ONE DEBIT IN THE AMOUNT OF $18,171.86.  A voice vote was taken and the motion carried.
There were no Committee Reports.  
Appointment, employment, compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body and pending litigation-Closed Session
No Report.
Appeal of Suspension of Library Privileges—
We had an incident on Saturday, February 10 involving a patron being verbally abusive to another patron in the computer lab. Director Wittmann happened to be working in Adult Reference that day and heard complaints from two separate patrons, and one of the adult technology clerks on duty heard a complaint from a third patron. A patron was speaking in a normal tone of voice to another patron, something we do not allow in the computer lab. Staff members have talked to this patron in the past about speaking in the lab, so he is well aware that this is against the rules. Another patron approached him, explained that there was a sign indicating that speaking was not allowed in the lab, and asked him to stop. He responded by using verbally abusive language, including obscenities. He left shortly after. Director Wittmann intends to have a conversation with him and explain why his behavior is unacceptable, and then let him know that he will be welcome back in the Library on June 1.
Trustee Rothbart wants Director Wittmann to let him know that if his behavior doesn’t improve he will be banned for a year. Trustee Sticha would like to reinstate the security post in the front of the library. 
Landscaping Proposal—Rosario Gambino and Son Landscaping—
We have a proposal for Spring/Summer maintenance from Rosario Gambino & Son Landscaping so we added it to the agenda, but we would like to hold off on approving anything until we issue the RFP for the rest of the landscaping project.  Tony will get a couple more proposals to consider.
Road Construction on Wilson and Oketo—
Tony Sciaccotta spoke with George at Harwood Heights Public works, he advised that there will be a preconstruction meeting beginning of March and that they will be doing the construction in pieces. They will have construction worker directing traffic. George is requesting a three day notice from the construction company if they need to shut down the whole street. George will get with Tony after the preconstruction meeting. Construction will take place from Lawrence to village limit at Oketo and down to North end of the cinema property. 
Sidewalk Art Program Judging—
Trustee Ringelstein and Penny Blubaugh are planning a sidewalk chalk art contest to be held Saturday, June 2 at 5:00 p.m. Trustee Ringelstein is asking the Friends of the Library to sponsor the contest. She proposed that the Trustees and Director Wittmann serve as judges for the contest. The rain date is Saturday, June 9 at 5:00 p.m. There would be prizes for the winners. We anticipate that the event would take about two hours.
In Service Dates—
Director Wittmann would like the Board to approve closing the Library for an in service day on Friday, July 20, 2018. Director Wittmann would like to coordinate an active threat training day with the Harwood Heights Police Department. If that is not possible, she would like to schedule training on serving people with mental illness, maintaining patron privacy, and anti-harassment training.
A motion was made by Trustee Ross, seconded by Trustee Sticha, TO APPROVE CLOSING THE LIBRARY FOR AN IN SERVICE DAY ON FRIDAY, JULY 20, 2018.  A voice vote was taken and the motion carried.
Any other Business—
Trustee Rothbart noticed that Reference Librarian, Melissa Lambrecht’s book discussion was listed on the calendar as the day time book discussion. This post was incorrect and Director Wittmann will discuss with Chris Clark who does the monthly calendars. 
The flags are at half-staff for the shooting in Parkland Florida. 
Friends of the Library Updates—
No Report
The hold shelf was moved due to privacy issues and it was decided that the community is too small to maintain a self service hold shelf. Director Wittmann wants to stop having patrons fill out a new library card application form when they are renewing their library card. This will make it easier on patrons. 
No Report
Trustee Ross moved, seconded by Trustee Sticha, THAT THE MEETING BE ADJOURNED.  A voice vote was taken and the motion carried.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:02 P.M.