February 2019 Island Within A City Committee Minutes

A Special Meeting of the Eisenhower Public Library District Board of Trustees Island Within A City Committee February 21, 2019
Committee Chair Ringelstein, called the meeting to order at 6:08 P.M.
Present:  Ringelstein, Parent, Magnelli, Ross, Braun.
Absent:  Magnuson; Sticha.
Also Present: Bacarella, and committee members Dawn Parent, Rich Massaro, Dan McPhillips, Stacy Wittmann, and Penny Blubaugh.
Trustee Ringelstein, Committee Chair, recognized the visitors.   
No public comments were made.
Selection of Author–
Director Wittmann advised that so far we have only heard back from Laura Enright who is very interested in writing the book. She is super stoked about the project. She grew up in this community. Penny advised that another potential author, Dan Pogorzelski, left a voice mail message for her. She has yet to speak to him. Trustee Parent advised that he had communication with Dan Pogorzelski advising Trustee Parent that he is interested in the project. Trustee Ringelstein would like Penny to be the designated person talking with the potential authors. Dan Pogorzelski wrote a local history book about Avondale and Chicago’s Polish Village. Penny reached out to a few other authors and they were not interested. Director Wittmann advised that the committee needs to set criteria for what they want in the book. Director Wittmann wants to know what the committee wants to ask Laura tonight if she is able to attend. Trustee Parent thinks we should ask her what her process will be for writing the book. Dawn Parent thinks Laura has an engaging voice. The committee will look at the author’s writing style and approach to the process. Trustee Parent has both authors’ previous writings. The committee wants this book to be more engaging than the last book.
Thoughts on what should be included in the contract—  
Director Wittmann spoke with the attorney and he said he can help write a contract but he will need to know what the committee wants in it. She also advised that we include ownership of the research and the copyright. Deliverables should be available during the process. There should be some percentage of payment up front to the author. Penny advised most authors usually want a fifty percent advance. Trustee Ringelstein wanted to know what they would do if the author does not write what they want. Penny advised that the contract would be broken, and you would most likely lose your down payment. The committee does not want to micro manage the author. Trustee Parent would like copies of the first few chapters to see what they are writing. Trustee Parent advised that the first deliverable could just be their research in a power point. Trustee Braun mentioned that it would be nice if there were sidebars in the book with anecdotal stories. He thinks we should talk to the author about this. 
Hiring a Copy Editor—
Director Wittmann did some research and advised that they can hire a free lancer. Dan McPhillips advised that they are using someone right now to review the library’s new website. The process is very transparent. You can video conference with them. There is one specifically for writers and editors. Penny said she was talking to Martina Mathisen, and Martina mentioned that her daughter is doing copy editing. 
Dawn Parent advised that she has had good experience with Chicago Women in Publishing.
Oral History Update—
Dan McPhillips and Chris Clark had an idea about establishing a couple different phone numbers through Google voice. There would be a few phone numbers set up and people would be able call and leave a message with their story. They tested it and they can put a voice mail message on it explaining what they want from the person, and they will include a release statement. During the Gala each study room will have a different feature and two of the rooms will be a recording booth. People will be able to record their stories in these rooms. Trustee Magnelli advised that we can potentially use Skype. Rich Massaro mentioned that this book is about Norridge and Harwood Heights and the committee has to make sure there are equal amounts of information of each community in the book. The committee feels this will really depend on how much information is available for each town. Dan McPhillips advised that Don Johnson was the first person to do research for the first book. The Library still has the research in file folders. Trustee Parent said he would be interested in seeing it. 
The next meeting will take place on March 7, 2019 at 7:00 P.M.
Trustee Ross made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Trustee Braun. The Committee Meeting was adjourned at 7:00 P.M.