July 2017 Budget Committee Minutes

A Meeting of the Eisenhower Public Library District Board of Trustees Budget Committee July 20, 2017

The Budget Committee meeting was called to order at 6:30 P.M.

Present: Magnuson, Magnelli, Ross, Braun, Rothbart, Sticha (7:04 P.M.)
Absent: Ringelstein.
Also Present: Wittmann, Bacarella, Stam.
Director Wittmann discussed the projected revenues. She advised that we are down to a .5221 tax rate. Our corporate rate is $3,657,303.00. We are making good interest on our Illinois Funds Account. Director Wittmann estimates $18,000 annually in interest revenue. The excess of fund balance over expenses for FY17 is $274,903.22. The grand total is $4,153,617.20.
Tentative Appropriation—
The proposed Tentative Appropriation was reviewed. The Appropriation is an estimation of combination of our proposed levy and money from sources other than taxation. Director Wittmann set the appropriation high enough that hopefully we will not overspend each line item. The levy will be a little over 6%.

Working Budget—
The committee discussed the proposed working budget and reviewed all the line items. The working budget is set up like the financial report. For FY18 Director Wittmann built in a cushion for the salaries. There are a number of needs in the building. Our home delivery program is exploding. Our home delivery employee is working 24 hours right now but Director Wittmann feels it is warranted for her to go full time. Kids World has five librarians, three of them are full time. The part time Children’s librarians consistently leave for full time positions elsewhere. Director Wittmann would like to make a part time librarian in Kids World full time. In addition to that, Victoria Bitters, Tech Services Manager, needs to increase one of her positions in her department by four hours. Circulation services will also be hiring a part time clerk. Group Medical insurance cost will go up due to an increase in staffing. Director Wittmann increased this line item in the budget by 12%. There will be a few conferences coming up this fiscal year that Director Wittmann would like to send staff to. Ala will be in New Orleans next year, Peggy Tomzik will attend Cosugi, Director Wittmann would like to attend Internet Librarian., ILA will be in Tinley Park, C2E2, and Reaching Forward are some of the conferences coming up next year. There will be an In-service day in the fall and in the summer. The cost in salaries for Building operating went down due to the decrease in staffing. The utilities budget was increased due to the increased cost of electricity per the Nimec bid. Building maintenance decreased. Building Cleaning Service was increased. Director Wittmann would like to get proposals for a new cleaning company. This was the first year that we came close to spending out the book line item. The periodicals budget was increased a little bit. Nothing was budgeted for Electronic material as we pay for these items out of a different account. Ephemera was increased. Telecommunications was increased, Director Wittmann would like to purchase a second simple scan station. Automation monthly fees was increased due to an anticipated increase in our Swan fees. Director Wittmann advised that RAILS is unsure about their budget and cutting funding is on the table. She is fearful that RAILS will cut funding to Swan. The community relations account was increased due to the fact that we will be doing a promotional post card mailing and more Facebook ads.
The newsletter budget has decreased due to that fact that we have a new company printing our newsletter is a lot lower cost.

A motion was made by Trustee Ross and seconded by Trustee Sticha to adjourn the Budget Committee Meeting at 7:15 P.M.