July 2018 Budget Committee Minutes

A Meeting of the Eisenhower Public Library District Board of Trustees Budget Committee July 19, 2018
The Budget Committee meeting was called to order at 6:30 P.M.
Present: Magnuson, Magnelli, Ross, Rothbart, Ringelstein.
Absent: Sticha, Braun.
Present: Wittmann, Bacarella, Stam, McPhillips, Tomzik, Clark.  
Director Wittmann discussed the projected revenues. You have to project out for next year. The revenues we expect to come in 2019 are for 2020. The current real estate are the taxes we expect to receive. We are levying just under 5% for the general fund. We always project a little higher. 
Tentative Appropriation—
The proposed Tentative Appropriation was reviewed.  The Appropriation is an estimation of combination of our proposed levy and money from sources other than taxation. Director Wittmann went over the tentative appropriation with the Board. Director Wittmann projected the sub funds a little higher. Liability insurance is going up. The property and casualty insurance are projected to have a 2-8% increase, Director Wittmann increased workman’s comp insurance by 10% to be safe. 
Tentative Levy Comparison—
The Board went over the projected revenues. The 2017 EAV went up quite a bit from 2016. Director Wittmann estimated lower for the personal property replacement, interest, and operating income. 
Working Budget—
The committee discussed the proposed working budget and reviewed all the line items. Director Wittmann put a cap on salary raises at 3%. A few employees will get more hours. We are planning to add a few new staff members. The increase for personnel is not that high, about $40,000. The Illinois minimum wage will be $11.25 starting on Jan 1, 2020. Director Wittmann budgeted to raise the minimum wage in the library to $11.00 starting Jan 1, 2019. This will make the transition a bit easier into the Illinois minimum wage increase in 2020. Director Wittmann tried to find a way to supplement family medical insurance, but was not able to do it to be sustainable. Director Wittmann increased the group medical insurance by 10%. Employee professional fees were bumped up a little bit. The utilities were increased a bit. The Trustee expenses were dropped a bit because we did not spend out the budget last year. The book budget was kept the same. Automation Monthly fees is going up due to the Swan fees increasing. We are losing the 13% discount that was given to us in the past. Automation maintenance increased. Director Wittmann added in four classrooms taught by our IT consultants, project bundles at $1,000 a piece, special classes, and email service. 
A motion was made by Trustee Ross and seconded by Trustee Rothbart, to adjourn the Budget Committee Meeting at 7:13 P.M.