Library Stories

June 20, 2013: My First Love

The sun reigned hot and little wisps of weeds floated in like dreams through our kindergarten classroom open windows. We had been a good class our teacher mused and were thusly granted a trip to the junior high library! Her enthursiasm set the tone.  The high ceilings, the sun bursting through all the glass panels and the biggest pie slice of sunlight warming the honey wood floors effected me in the strangest way. I felt light as a feather and a fuzziness grew in the pit of my stomach. Like a thousand buzzing bees. A feeling I would grow to learn was my body's way of letting me know I was in bliss.  I found the quiet (excecpt for the tap-tap-tap of a typerwriter) intoxicating. I loved the orderly way the tiny tables has been set. I ran my fingers along the different-sized spines like a stick to a fence. I inhaled the smells of the books that left traces of where they had come from and where they'd been.  I grabbed a picture book about a German Shephard (I remember it vividly!) and settled within reach of the sun slice. Every once in a while I'd reach out and feel the warmth on my arm.  That spring day changed my life. Forever. Libraries gave me access to one of my greatest loves: books. Books taught me most of what I know. They helped me travel the world, in times of trouble and to raise my son.  I wouldn't be who I am nor have had half the experiences if not for books, knowledge and libraries. -Laurie DiBerardino