May 2018 Grounds Committee Minutes

A Meeting of the Eisenhower Public Library District Board of Trustees Building and Grounds Committee May 17, 2018
Trustee Sticha, committee chair, called the meeting to order at 7:01 P.M.
Present: Sticha, Braun, Magnelli, Magnuson, Rothbart, Ringelstein.
Absent: Ross.
Also Present:  Wittmann, Bacarella, Sciaccotta. 
Landscape RFP—
Director Wittmann advised that she published the Landscape RFP last week and it will appear this week as well. We received an inquiry from Copenhaver Construction, Inc. located in Gilberts, IL, KGI Landscaping, Skokie, IL, and Rosario Gambino and Sons. We reached out to Pesches and Anne Roberts. 
Building Automation RFP—
Director Wittmann advised that she heard from Elara, the company that is working with us on acquiring a new automation system for our HVAC. They have all the specs in order for us to go to bid for our automation system. They met with her and Tony last week and asked us to publish the RFP Thursday, May 17th. The Board will need to vote on a vendor for the system at the June Board meeting. 
Pear Tree Proposals—
Director Wittmann advised that she met with the three certified arborists and have proposals for the tree removal, stump, and root shaving from all of them. All three arborists advised that the tree should be removed. None of them are prepared to deal with the brick removal so she advised that she asked Tony to speak with companies that deal with hard landscaping and ask for proposals for removing, regrading, and replacing the brickwork. We are still gathering those bids. 
Trustee Sticha advised that his sister is a space architect. His sister would make an exception and throw out some ideas on the area by the pear tree at no cost to the library. She is aware of native plants. Director Wittmann recommends the board approve one of the proposals for tree removal, but hold off on scheduling the removal until the board decides who will remove the hard landscaping around the tree. Trustee Rothbart said we should find out who the company was who put the bricks in and see if they can pull them out. Tony reached out to Rosario and Gambino and a few other landscaping companies to get proposals for the hard landscaping removal. Director Wittmann advised that she looked into prices for outdoor chess sets and dedication bricks. The cost for a brick and engraving is $20.00. 
Other Business
No Report.
Trustee Braun moved, seconded Magnuson, THAT THE MEETING BE ADJOURNED. A voice vote was taken and the motion carried. The Committee Meeting was adjourned at 7:20 P.M.