October 2018 Building and Grounds Committee Minutes

A Meeting of the Eisenhower Public Library District Board of Trustees Building and Grounds Committee October 18, 2018
Trustee Sticha, committee chair, called the meeting to order 7:00 P.M.
Present: Sticha, Magnelli, Ringelstein, Ross, Magnuson, Braun.
Also Present: Wittmann, Bacarella, S. Parent (7:13 P.M.), D. Parent (7:13 P.M.), 
Sciaccotta (7:14 P.M.).
Building and Grounds
A. Landscaping Update—
The landscaping is close to being done. They are adjusting the planting schedule for the area outside the adult office area. They are going to plant items that withstand the sun. They need to repair the path on Wilson. Anne Roberts noted that we are a pleasure to work with. Director Wittmann showed other options for donations as opposed to the memorial bricks. Director Wittmann reached out to Carmine with the sign company that has installed signs in the library and he advised that they have giving trees he can show us. The Board discussed different areas where the giving tree can be installed. The Board is very happy with the landscaping, they think it looks great. People were even seen taking selfies in front of the new landscaping. Trustee Sticha thinks the planters near the entrance look really beautiful. Trustee Sticha asked if we ever considered digital informational signs installed outside the library. These signs are quite expensive. 
B. HVAC Update—
Tony Sciaccotta advised that after the rain on Labor Day the two boilers were down. He was able to reset the low water switches. Then we had more problems and Hill Mechanical came out and the seals on the pump were starting to leak. On another boiler the high limit switch had a problem. The computer system for the HVAC is somewhat set up, Tony advised that he  can currently control the VAV boxes, then they will set up the boiler. ISB’s design is awesome and working great. 
A motion was made by Trustee Ross seconded by Trustee Braun to adjourn.
The Committee Meeting was adjourned at 7:21 P.M.