Cubs Win!

Tonight the Cubs won the World Series. The last time that happened was on October 14th, 1908 when they defeated the Detroit Tigers. To put that date into context, here are some other things that happened in 1908:

  • Ernest Shackleton set sail on the first of his Antarctic exploration mission. Six years later, disaster struck during his third expedition when his ship became trapped in ice.
  • Robert Baden-Powell published "Scouting for Boys" setting off the worldwide Boy Scout movement.
  • In Persia, the first major discovery was made of oil in the Middle East.
  • Wilbur Wright (of the Wright Brothers) traveled to France where he gave the first demonstration of controlled powered flight in Europe. 
  • The first Model T rolled of the assembly line of the Ford plant in Detroit.
  • Notorious bandits Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were reportedly killed in South America.
  • James Murray Spangler invented the upright vaccuum cleaner and sold the patent to William H. Hoover.
  • Parisian artist Émile Cohl produced the first fully animated movie.