Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher Never Go Back PosterThe decidedly petite Tom Cruise is back in theaters this month playing the six foot, five inch, 250 pound Jack Reacher in Never Go Back, the second movie adapted from the wildly popular series of Reacher books by author Lee Child.

A former Major in the Army Military Police Corps, Reacher quit the military in his mid-thirties, and now roams the country, living on his pension, taking odd jobs, and getting invoved in dangerously violent situations, usually in service of some townspeople under the thumb of a crooked sheriff, evil drug lord, or domineering businessman. He's basically a one-man A-Team. A fantasy verison of the ultimate alpha male. He's an unbeatable fighter, smarter than all his opponents (and allies), a perfect shot with any weapon, a precision driver, and a world class detective. He sees a problem, makes a plan, saves the day, and gets out of town. He does it efficiently and always stays cool.

There are twenty books in the Jack Reacher series with a twenty-first, Night School, set for release in early November. Most follow a pretty similar formula and predicting what's going to happen next isn't too difficult. Lee Child's writing rumbles like a muscle car though and the Reacher books are hard to put down. It feels good to think about an old fashioned "good guy" traveling around punching out bad guys.

The entire series of books is available to borrow at Eisenhower and are listed below. But I'd really recommend the Reacher audiobooks, especially those read by the fantastic Dick Hill. We have the first movie, too.

One Shot (the basis of the first Jack Reacher movie)
Never Go Back (the basis of the new Jack Reacher movie)
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