More for Jack Reacher Fans

Jack Reacher ShortsA few weeks ago I wrote about my affection for the Jack Reacher books. I like them because they're stripped-down, fast-paced, and quick-to-read. Even quicker are the short stories by Reacher author Lee Child. These stories were written for collections, magazine publication, and even as sort singles for's Kindle eBook store. Some have been included in certain editions of Reacher novels and others are nearly impossible to find in print.

As a new eReader user, I was recently looking into Eisenhower's digital materials service Media on Demand and was pleasantly surprised to find a few of Lee Child's short stories and novellas available to borrow as eBooks and digital audiobooks. If you've made it through the entire run of 21 Reacher novels, and can't wait for number 22, I'd suggest taking a look at these short Reacher adventures. When available in any format I'll include a link where you can check these stories out.

Small Wars - This short story takes us back to the 80s when a young Reacher, still in the Army is tasked with investigating the murder of a wealthy lieutenant colonel. In it, we get some surprising insight into Reacher's brother Joe. Available as an eBook and digital audiobook.

The Picture of the Lonely Diner - From the Mystery Writers of America collection edited by Mary Higgins Clark, Manhattan Mayhem. In this story, Reacher has a run in with the FBI. Manhattan Mayhem is available as an eBook, or a print book.

James Penney's New Identity - Originally available as a digital single in the United Kingdom. This short one was later included inThriller, a collection available as a print book or an audiobook on CD

Guy Walks into a BarOriginally available as a digital single in the United Kingdom, available to read now on the New York Times website.

Everyone Talks - Published in the June 2012 issue of Esquire and as a bonus to the UK hardback edition of Never Go Back. So far, Everyone Talks is the only Reacher story told from another character's point of view. This one is available to read on the website of Penguin Random Houe Austrailia.

Not a Drill - Available as a digital single, in audio or as bonus with US paperback edition of Personal, Not a Drill is a pretty thin story that finds Reacher exploring the limits of the United States by hitchiking to the Canadian border with a trio of treehuggers who might be more than they seem. Available to borrow as an eBook and a digial audiobook.

Good and Valuable Consideration - A collaboration with author Joseph Finder whose character Nick Heller joins forces with Reacher. Available as an eBook, and in the collection FaceOff in large type and on CD.

High Heat - It is 1977 and Reacher is in New York City to visit CBGBs, shut down a mobster, and turn in evidence that will lead to the capture of the Son of Sam. All in a days work for a 17 year old. Available as a eBook, as a digital audiobook, or as bonus with the US paperback edition of Never Go Back.

Deep Down - In the late 80s, a soldier is selling military secrets and Reacher goes undercover to reveal the traitor. Available as a eBook, as a digital audiobook or as bonus with US paperback edition of A Wanted Man.

Second Son - A 13-year-old, but fully formed Reacher saves the reputations of his brother and his father. Available as a eBook, as a digital audiobook or as bonus with US paperback edition of The Affair.