Watching football on Thanksgiving has become a sort of modern tradition. But I'd like to propose an even newer tradtion.

About two years ago, in November of 2014, my wife and I went to the movie theater to see Paddington. We were less than underwhelmed by the trailer but thought we'd give the movie a chance anyway. What a great decision. Over the course of 90 minutes we were won over by the sweet, polite, and somewhat clumsy bear who travels to London and finds a new home with the Brown family. Directed by Paul King, best known for the cultish British TV series The Mighty BooshPaddington is smart and stylish and multilayered in a way that most family movies (not produced by Pixar) don't bother to be.

Paddington Bear is essentially a refugee. He's a kid who has lost his family and his home and he just needs someone to look after him. The Browns aren't planning to take in a new family member but they see a bear in need and they do the right thing. In our film screening, toward the end of the movie when Paddington is climbing a chimney to escape from a vilainous taxidermist, the entire audience was on the edge of our seats. An audible gasp filled the theater when Paddington lost his grip and threatened to fall to his death. We had entered into the theater expecing a dumb kids movie and suddenly we were in love with a computer generated bear, hoping that he'd escape death and live happily ever after with his new family. It was kind of magical.

So this Thanksgiving, after filling up on turkey, why not skip the footbal game and give the little bear from "Darkest Peru" a chance. You and your family might learn a lesson about kindness, generousity, and being welcoming to those different from you. Isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about?

Paddington is available to stream on your computer or mobile device at Just log in with your Eisenhower Library Card and PIN and start watching right away. Don't know your PIN? Try the last four digits of your phone number or give the Answers Desk a call at 708-867-2299 for assistance.

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