Reading Challenges for 2016

Characters from the Gilmore GirlsA new year is an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to reading. There are tons of reading challenges and games around the internet to make it more fun. has posted their annual Ultimate Reading Challenge, a printable checklist that will help you explore books in a variety of genres. suggests going on a Reading Road Trip by reading a book set in each of the fifty states. takes that idea a little further with an Around the World Challenge. Book Riot hosts social media groups and offers title suggestions to help you make it through their Read Harder Challenge. Fans of the classic television dramedy The Gilmore Girls can try to catch up with Rory Gilmore by reading all the books she was seen reading on screen over the course of seven seasons with the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge.

Whatever you choose to read, we're here to help you find some great books.