What to Read after Seeing Deadpool

Preacher Graphic Novel CoverJust two weeks after opening in theaters, Deadpool has made more at the box office than any of Fox's previous X-Men related movies, earning a place at the pinnacle of pop culture for one of mainstream comic book history's weirdest, most violent, and funniest characters. Fans of the movie are probably already enjoying the Deadpool graphic novels and looking for something similar to read next.
Widely considered one of the best Batman stories (and the definitive Joker story) Alan Moore's tone is much darker than previous Batman comics. The Joker breaks out of Arkham Asylum and immediately kidnaps Commissioner Gordon and his daughter Barbara, subjecting them to torture and ridicule in an effort to make them a crazy as he is. The Killing Joke is almost entirely the Joker's story, revealing the depth of his depravity and presenting his insanity as a mirror of Batman's.
Ben Edlund's absurdist, independent comic book take on the superhero genre, stars a legally insane escaped mental patient sworn to protect "The City." He is well-intentioned, good-natured, high-spirited, frequently very, very stupid. The Tick is surrounded by a cast of equally absurd heroes and villains, many of them parodies of popular comic book character types. The short-lived comic book was adapted into an animated series as well as a great live action sitcom.
Intended as an over-the-top indictment of Marvel's ultra violent Wolverine and Punisher, the alien mercenary and bounty hunter Lobo enjoys nothing more than mindless violence and intoxication. He is arrogant and self-centered, focusing almost solely on his own pleasure. After killing every single resident of his home planet for fun, Lobo thinks he is the last Czarnian until he learns that one other person from Czarnia still lives, his fourth grade teacher Miss Tribb.
After merging with a demon, Preacher Jesse Custer becomes disillusioned with the beliefs that had defined his life. Now possessing the power to make people do whatever he says, Jesse begins a violent journey across the country with his gun-toting girlfriend and the hard drinking Irish vampire trying to find and punish the God who had forsaken him. Not only is Garth Ennis' Preacher sure to please Deadpool fans, it's also set to become a new Walking Dead-esque TV series on AMC.