What to Read after Watching Logan

After ten movies featuring the gruff but lovable Wolverine, it seems like they’ve finally gotten the character right with the new movie Logan, which opened this weekend.

In the near future, Mutant-kind has been almost totally wiped out. A world-weary Logan has lost all hope. All the X-Men are long dead, he’s struggling to care for an aged, dementia-stricken Professor Xavier, and various groups are trying to track him down. Some need help from the one-time superhero, others have less savory reasons. Into this disastrous life enters Laura a new Mutant with claws, healing powers, and anger issues eerily similar to Logan’s. Against his best judgement, Logan agrees to help her get to Eden, the Canadian mutant sanctuary that may not even exist.

Logan is a grown-up superhero movie with all the violence and language to prove it. It’s a heavy movie, but it’s also an uplifting one that reminds us that it’s never too late to make up for past mistakes.

If you’re looking for more Logan action, here’s a few graphic novels that seem to have inspired the movie:

Old Man Logan by Mark Millar
In a future world savaged and sundered by super villains, the United States ain’t what it used to be. In California, now a wasteland controlled by an evil gang, the former Wolverine seeks to live in peace. He’s retired, finally free from the violence of his former existence as an X-Man, and he wants to keep it that way. If only they’d let him. Can Old Man Logan maintain his pacifist vow, and make his last stand without doing what he does best?
Complete Collection

X-Men: Mutant Massacre by Chris Claremont
The Morlocks: a community of mutant outcasts living beneath the streets of Manhattan. The Marauders: professional mutant assassins, employed by a mysterious evil to wipe the Morlocks out. In between the two stands some of Marvel’s most heroic: X-Men, X-Factor, the New Mutants, Power Pack, Daredevil and event the Mighty Thor.
Complete Collection

X-23 by Craig Kyle, Chris Yost, Jay Faerber, and Marjorie Liu
Laura Kinney never knew a life free from her harsh captors. But now she has broken loose at last, and must forge her own path in the world. Free of her chains and determined to live, Laura will write the next chapter of her story herself. But can X-23 escape her training and her instincts, or will the gallons of blood spilled in her violent past drag her down?
Volume One | Volume Two

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