Why You Should See Arrival

Right now is the perfect time for the movie, Arrival.

When huge black objects appear hovering in locations all around the globe, the world panics. Many people are scared. Are they here to here to fight? To enslave humanity? Maybe to take our jobs? It's hard to know because they don't speak our language and we certainly don't speak theirs.

Despite world leaders' distrust of the visitors, a few brave, hopeful people, willing to talk, is all we really need to save the world. But first we need to understand each other, spend time getting to know one another, and figure out how we can help each other.

The destruction of one group isn't required for the survival of the other. Together we can be better despite our differences. By making the effort to reach out to others, explore our differences, and discover our similarities, we can literally make the world a better place.

Arrival is in theaters now. The short story it was based on can be found in Ted Chiang's collection, Stories of Your Life.