Zeroes by Chuck Wendig

Zeroes Book CoverWe all need a little help once in a while. If you or I need some assistance we might call a friend or a family member. If a secret government organization needs help, they arrest a bunch of low-level techno-criminals and force them to become hackers-for-the-man. 

Our heroes (self-named, the Zeroes) are a do-gooder social engineer, better at working people than computers; a streetwise credit card thief who'd rather his mother not know about his profession; an online troll who just wants to make you feel bad about yourself; an ethical hacktivist with ties to the Syrian resistance; and a hippie-era hacker/gun-nut prepared for the inevitable apocalypse. Together they're tasked with infiltrating corporate computer systems and finding connections to the mysterious TYPHON, a project so secret even their government handlers don't know what it really is. 

By the time the Zeroes work out what's happening with Typhon, they're on the run, bullets are flying, and the plot has taken a hard left turn into Terminator territory.

Can the Zeroes, evade capture, make a plan, and stop arguing long enough to save humanity as we know it?

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