Guidelines for Participants

Welcome to Battle of the Books. We hope it will be an exciting year for all of you. In order to make things work more smoothly, please note the guidelines below.

Reading Requirements

Each member of the team must read the minimum number of books based on their grade level to participate in Battle. There are 20 books on the list, so team members are encouraged to read more than the minimum.

  4th Grade= six books minimum
  5th Grade= seven books minimum
  6th Grade= eight books minimum


To sign up to do Battle of the Books, please see your school's Battle Coach.

Each team will be required to pay $25.00 for food. Battle Coaches, please bring this amount by the first Battle.

The Battle Itself

Arrival Time

Battle begins at 4:00pm. Please be in the room at least 10 minutes before the start time.  Anyone who arrives once the Battle has begun will have to wait until the break in order to join their team.

We would also like to remind parents of the “No Stopping or Child Pick Up” sign by the Library entrance. Please pull up further into the parking lot to drop off children. This way you will not block traffic behind you. 

Seating Arrangement

Each team will have a pre-assigned location. The locations rotate with each Battle, so please look for your team’s spot ahead of time. Ten people can battle at any time. If your team has more than 10 participants, team changes happen during the break only.

If your school has two teams, the players must stay with one team. For example, if you are part of Team Red, you cannot switch to play with Team Blue.

Coaches will have reserved seats in the front row. Coaches should let Library staff know ahead of time if they will need one or two seats reserved.

Answer Pages

Each team area will have a clipboard on which to write your answers. Please choose one team member (the Runner) to bring the answer sheets to the scoring table.

Questions and Point Values

There will be two sets of Jeopardy style questions per Battle followed by a short 10 minute speed round. The value of the question shows you how long your answer should be.

For example, if I say a question is worth one point, then the answer should be one word or letter. If the question is worth two points, then you need at least two words. If it is worth five points, you need five words. You can write more words than you need, but watch the clock. When it buzzes, you cannot write anything more.

In a multiple point value question partial credit will be awarded based on the answer provided.

Snacks and Breaks

We will take a break after the first round, about halfway through the Battle. The Library will provide snacks and drinks, but please be careful of spills and garbage. If you run out of time to eat your snack, you can leave it on the Snack Table with your name on it. There is no eating or drinking during the Battle.


Please notify the Kids World staff about all allergies or food restrictions before the first practice Battle.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices (such as cell phones or Nintendo games) must be shut off and may not be used during Battle. This includes spectators. Please take all such devices to the lobby outside the Battle room.


If a team member must leave during Battle, please arrange the absence with the coach. Please let us know at the beginning of Battle when you need to leave.


The best thing you can do for your team is to encourage each other. Please avoid negative comments, facial expressions, or gestures against your teammates or against the opposing teams. Penalty points can be awarded for unsportsmanlike behavior.

Also be careful of loud talking. Other teams could steal your answers. If your team is too loud, you could be awarded penalty points.


If a team is caught being too noisy or being unsportsmanlike, they will be given a warning (red circle). If staff have to talk that team again, the circle becomes a negative point, and subsequent negative points can be awarded. If five negative points are awarded during the Battle, the team will be disqualified from participating in the rest of the round. Points from previous games are unaffected—that is, no points are deducted from previous rounds.

Time Outs

Coaches will be given TIME OUT cards in order to correct a problem with their team, or permit a student to leave early. Each team has three one-minute T/O’s during a Battle. Coaches, please call “TIME OUT” and wave the card until staff acknowledge you. Please use the card at an appropriate pause: after points have been awarded, not in the middle of the question.


Teams are allowed to issue challenges. For example, if a question is worth 3 points and your team earns only one point, you may challenge the answer for the other two points. If a team wishes to challenge an answer, they must announce the challenge at the time of the question. Don’t wait.

Write on the answer sheet which book/answer you are challenging. If a challenge is accepted, we will review the challenge after the Battle has ended. The following week, we will award points at the beginning of the Battle--if your challenge is successful.

We try to have two staff members present at each Battle who have read all 20 of the Battle books in order to accept or deny challenges. The last Battle cannot have challenges.