Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books challenges students grades four through six to become familiar with literature. Comprehension and retention are put to the test in a Jeopoardy style battle between the teams.

Area schools create their own teams and gather at the library to compete in a five week battle on questions derived from selected books. The twenty books are chosen by Eisenhower Public Library District librarians, Battle of the Books coaches and participating students. 

 Watch the Battle blog for updated notices and posts regarding the Battle season. It is also the place to look for updates on your team's score during the competition.

The dates for the 2018-2019 Battle Season are as follows:

  • Practice Battle, February 6th at 4pm
  • Battle 1, February 13th at 4pm
  • Battle 2, February 20th at 4pm
  • Battle 3, February 27th at 4pm
  • Battle 4, March 6th at 4pm
  • Battle 5, March 13th at 4pm
  • Battle Awards Ceremony, April 3rd at 4pm

There may be additional team meeting dates a participant is required to attend. These additional dates are set by the school's Battle Coach and the participants will meet at their school, not the Library. Please see your Battle Coach regarding any questions about additional team meeting dates.

If you are a student in grade four through six and would like to participate in Battle of the Books, please see your school's Battle Coach to sign up.