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Battle Round 3

The scores for Round 3 of battle have been added to the Recent Standings page. Congratulations to Pennoyer for taking the lead. Union Ridge takes 2nd place, while St. Eugene holds on to third.

Recent Standings

A little late, but the most recent standings have been updated before we head into the next battle. Congratulations goes to Union Ridge for taking the lead. Pennoyer follows in a close second place, with St. Eugene taking third place. Remember next battle, we will be asking that answers be specific.

Battle Scores

The battle scores can be found on the recent standings page. Currently, Saint Eugene who is in the lead by 1 point with Union Ridge and Pennoyer tied for second place. Congratulations to all the teams for a sucessful first round. We look forward to seeing you next week.

Post Practice Battle

Congratulations to all the teams for their efforts in the Practice Battle. Your scores do not count towards your total. A few notes: Remember it is a good idea for all the books to have been read. Don't just count on one person. Each battle consists roughly of 2 questions per book. You don't want to miss out on those points.

The Countdown Begins

There is only 3 weeks until the Practice Battle! You should be almost finished with reading your assigned battle books. Remember, the minimum reading requirements are as follows: 4th Grade= 6 books 5th Grade= 7 books 6th Grade= 8 books There will be questions on each book every battle, so make sure your team has all the battle books covered.

A Sequel, A Sequel

UnlockingSpell Hitting the shelves next week is the sequel to the battle book, Wide Awake Princess. In Unlocking the Spell, Princess Annie seeks to break the spell on Prince Beldegard. Of course, she'll need a little help from Prince Liam to do it.

Movie at the Patio

The Patio Theater 6008 W Iriving Park RoadChicago, IL 60634 The Patio Theater is showing The Rise of the Guardians Friday December 28 through January 3. Movie tickets cost only $5. If you go, be sure to look up when seated in the theater for a Hogwarts-like ceiling.

Battle Schedule

The Battle of the Books schedule for the 2013 season is as follows: Practice Battle: Wednesday, February 6 - where the points won't count Round 1: Wednesday, February 13 Round 2: Wednesday, February 20 Round 3: Wednesday, February 27 Round 4: Wednesday, March 6 Round 5: Wednesday, March 16 - The Final Battle- last chance to earn points! Awards Ceremony: Wednesday, April 10, with guest speaker Gene Ha