HiLo by Judd Winick

Hilo the boy who crashed to earth book cover: a blond boy wearing red shirt and blue jeans is smiling with his hands out and light glowing from them; a boy in green hoody is behind him as well as a girl in a pink tank"I'm a Robot! That is Outstanding!"
     -"Okay. Yeah. Maybe. But You're a really really broken robot."
"True, true, but it doesn't take away from how unbelievably cool it is that I'm an actual robot."

HiLo fell from the sky in this hilarious graphic novel. He has no idea who he is or were he comes from, but thankfully he landed near D.J., a young boy in need of a friend. HiLo absorbs D.J.'s vocabulary, reads the dictionary and sixteen encyclopedias (all in twenty minutes), and his memory slowly comes back in bits and peices- usually while an evil robots shoots lasers at them. D.J.'s old friend Gina recently moved back into town and it isn't long before she is also chasing after HiLo as he races from one battle to another. This fast paced adventure is filled with humor- "Holy Mackerel-- I forgot about the lasers! How outstanding are my hand lasers?!" - and perfect for grades 3-6. Be forwarned- in true comic book style, the story will be continued in a later sequel.

Celeste, Kids World

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