For Teachers

Forms For Local Educators

For more information on the forms below, or other services to Educators, please visit our School Outreach page or contact Kids World by phone.

Teacher Request

Use the Teacher Request Form when you would Kids World staff to find, prepare, and/or drop off materials at your school for use in your classroom.

Project Heads Up

Use the Project Heads Up Form to let us know what projects you are assigning, so we can try to make sure we have the materials your students will need.

Media Literacy and Research Projects

The Research Process and Believability Checklist is a pdf document, which presents not only how to determine keywords from a larger topic, but also provides guidelines for students to evaluate sources for a research project using the concept  of a traffic light. "Yellow" represents areas where one should be cautious, or to slow down and look again carefully. If a source scored in the "yellow zone" in multiple areas, the student should think of the light turning red; full stop and are encouraged to look for a different source to use.

The Research Process worksheets, Guide to Building a Search Phrase and Source Information, are intended to assist in the implementation of the concepts in the Research Process and Believability Checklist handouts. These worksheets are in pdf format for easy print out. When using the Source Information worksheet, it is recommended that the student use one form per source.

Great Materials

DVD Collection

Kids World has a collection of nonfiction DVDs that covers a wide range of subjects including: phonics, science, math, history. We have episodes from favorite tv series including Bill Nye the Science Guy and Liberty Kids. We also have a biography collection. Nonfiction videos can help reinforce concepts and facts in your class's textbooks.

The Kids World fiction DVD collection includes many movies based on children's books. Perfect for viewing in order to  augment your classroom reading or for a special treat.

Audio Collection

Audio books are a great way to help struggling readers find enjoyment in books. The books on CD are perfect for sharing out loud to a group, while the playaways are great for an individual student. In addition, playaways have the ability to slow down and speed up the narrator.

The Music CD collection includes many nursery rhymes and traditional songs that can help promote phonemic awareness, an important part of pre-literacy skill set.


Eisenhower Databases are a great way to add videos, photographs, or an interactive timeline to a lesson. Research databases, our online encyclopedias, range from 2nd grade through college. However, our storybases are great for Preschoolers through early elementary students. Visit our Research: For Kids to see our selection.

Great Sites

ALSC: Great Websites for Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers

Sponsered by the Association for Library Services to Children, the website includes links and descriptions for recommended websites.


National Association for the Education of Young Children publishes their current issue of TYC: Teaching Young Children online.


Online educational videos and lesson plans. Requires an annual subscription.