Throwing Heat by Fred Bowen

Cover image of Throwing Heat featuring a male baseball pitcher throwing a pitch“Thwack! The ball smacked the canvas like a clap of thunder. 75”
As in a 75 mile/per hour fastball thrown by eighth grade starting pitcher Jack Lerner. Landon Middle School students Jack, Danny Cruz, Jaylin Jackson and Annie Li are inseparable. Jack, Danny and Jaylin all play for the school’s baseball team, the Landon Bears. Annie is their designated score reporter and never misses a game.
Jack’s fastball is on fire and he’s striking out more players than anyone in the league; the only trouble is he can’t always control it himself. His Coach has no choice but to put in the second line pitcher when Jack starts walking hitters left and right. After his sister begins dating an ex-college player, who’s agreed to provide coaching, Jack feels like he’s won the lottery. He hopes for help improving his fastball but cannot believe the advice to “change-up” his pitching routine. 
This page-turner is recommended for grades five and up. Fred Bowen delivers another sports story that teaches readers skills for on and off the field. According to this librarian Throwing Heat is a bases-loaded home run. 
 Jade, Kids World