Watch the Sky by Kirsten Hubbard

Watch the Sky book cover image of the night sky with stars shining in the background of what appears to be a toy house"Don't trust anyone outside the family"

Jory has been told for years to watch for signs. He is never told what the signs mean but they are everywhere. He is told that he should keep his head down in school and to not draw attention to himself or ever talk about his family.  He is careful to not let anyone know where he lives until one day the sign they are waiting for happens. Jory's stepfather knows what is coming, but he won't say why the family has to spend their nights digging in the ground. It is all part of the plan,  they will be safe since they watched for the signs. Exhausted from digging at night and pretending to be normal at school finally takes it's toll and Jory discovers a world outside of his stepfather's control.

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