Zebrafish by Sharon Emerson

Cover image of Zebrafish featuring teen band members holding musical instruments on a green background."If we think we're a band, we become a band!"
This graphic novel centers on Vita, the “new girl” with purple hair, as she forms a band and a new group of friends.  The band mates, each with his or her own personality, style and backstory, combine their talents to create a music video.  Things don't go exactly as planned when they perform at school but their effort becomes much more meaningful than just another night of rock and roll fun.    
Perfect for 5th-8th graders, the story is told completely through dialogue, including puns and pop culture references that tweens will enjoy.  The cartoon-style illustrations include subtle, fun details relating to life as an American teenager.  Adults are almost non-existent here, another factor in how relatable tweens and young teens will find this book.
Mary Jo, Kids World