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In New York by Marc Brown

In New York book cover:illustrated skyline of New York city fills top half, One strip of trucks, cards, and buses in the middle, Bottom stripe is apartment houses"One night when I was eight years old, my family boarded a train in Erie, Pennsylvania.  When we woke up, we were in New York City, the most exciting city I had ever seen...”

“I <3 New York!”  And you will want to plan your trip immediately after you finish this book.  Brown conveys his personal love for NYC and its unique sights, sounds and tastes with panoramic, detailed drawings of all the places you’ll want to see.  He also includes facts that will wow the adults in your tour group.  Did you know that there are 21 playgrounds in Central Park?  That the city’s Chinese takeout orders requires 100 million of those little paper boxes every year?

The text is engaging, sure to build your excitement about the trip.  Brown’s watercolors reveal the heights and depths of the sprawling city (think skyscrapers and subways).  Some illustrate its long history, endless food options, iconic landmarks and sites.  Best of all, his artwork shows the energy of NYC’s bustling street life and the cast of characters you will likely observe there.  The two page spreads invite close scrutiny; Browns’ beloved Arthur is easy to find (on one particular page), but can you spot the author and his dad in all of these famous NYC locations? And don’t miss the dozens of fun facts and highlights printed on the endpapers.

This is a picture book that would be most enjoyed by Kids World patrons ages 7 – 99, especially those that have visited or will soon be on their way to the Big Apple.  NYC resources are listed in the back of the book to help you plan your trip.  “Give my regards to Broadway!”

Find In New York in the Library.

Mary Jo, Kids World

Baby's First Book Bag

Grap background, white clouds, Eisenhower Library Logo in gray circle in middle of cloud, friends of the library logo below cloudAre you a resident of Norridge or Harwood Heights? Do you have a child or grandchild who is 17 months or younger? Are you an expectant parent or grandparent?

Eisenhower Library (with the generous help from the Friends of the Eisenhower Library) would like to welcome the newest member of your family with the gift of the child's first book bag.

The large shoulder bag is perfect for use as a diaper bag, complete with pockets for holding things from pacifiers to bottles. It comes with a board book as well as a packet to get your young child/grandchild started in the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program.

Please drop by Kids World with your Eisenhower Library card and the child's name or due date to receive the bag.

One bag per child. Available only to residents of Norridge and Harwood Heights.

Little Green Peas by Keith Baker

Little Green Peas book cover: title in rainbow colors, small green peas are playing an assortment of outside games"Blue boats, blue seas, blue flags...and little green peas."

If you enjoyed the books LMNO Peas and 1-2-3 Peas, also by Keith Bakers, then you will not want to miss this new book! Using vibrant illustrations, the little green peas take us on a colorful tour of the world around us. Perfect for little ones just learning about colors!

Find Little Green Peas in the Library

Bridget, Kids World

Another Day As Emily By Eileen Spinelli

Another Day as Emily book cover: brown haried girl on bicycle looks back and a much younger boy racing after her in a black cape"This is to let you know that the ice cream offer is off.  I’m really sorry.  I’ll be spending a lot of time alone now...”

Do you ever wish that you were someone else?  Maybe someone famous? 

Envious of her brother’s sudden fame as town hero, eleven-year-old Suzy extends her feelings of disconnection into an extreme identification with Emily Dickinson, the reculsive 19th century poet.  This novel in verse invites the reader inside Suzy’s head as she tries on being Emily instead of Suzy.  She enjoys the temporary solitude but is drawn back to becoming herself by her warm friends and family, the appeal of doing theater and an invitation to a Phillies game.  Suzy ultimately recognizes the simple gifts of her regular life as herself.

This book is a simple novel in verse and would be ideal for a third grade reader who enjoys realistic fiction or a reluctant reader who is ready for the transition to chapter books.

Find Another Day As Emily in the Library.

Mary Jo, Kids World

The Boundless by Kenneth Oppel

Boundless book cover; night scene, see the lights from shadowed train lit. White figures of a boy and girl leaping from the top of one train car to another. "Climb aboard the Boundless, the most magnificent train ever built. Magic and danger loom around every bend."

Set against the backdrop of the wild Canadian wilderness, this is a tale of mystery and intrigue, with a dose of fantasy added in for good measure. Will Everett is a first-class passenger on the Boundless, the longest and largest train ever built, carrying passengers from one end of Canada to the other. On it's maiden trip, Will finds himself in possession of a special key that unlocks that unlocks a train car full of priceless treasures. Unfortunately for Will, other people want that key and are willing to do anything to get it--even murder. With his life in danger, Will must rely on the traveling circus, including their mysterious ringleader, to help him survive. Did I mention there are Sasquatch in this story?

An edge of your seat, fast-paced adventure that you will not want to put down!

Find The Boundless in the Library

Miss Bridget, Kids World

World Language Collection

cartoon Earth with glasses reading a book with a tan coverNew materials to the World Language Collection in Kids World is now available. Books written in Arabic, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Polish, and Spanish can be found on the very back wall behind the chapter book collection. Additional titles will be finding their way to those shelves in the upcoming months.

These books will have the traditional 3 week checkout period.

If you have a suggestion for a specific title or author, please feel free to stop by the Kids Desk. We would appreciate any suggestions or feedback.

Find materials in Arabic for children in the Library.

Find materials in Chinese for children in the Library.

Find materials in Gujarati for children in the Library.

Find materials in Hindi for children in the Library.

Find materials in Italian for children in the Library.

Find materials in Polish for children in the Library.

Find materials in Spanish for children in the Library.

The Summer Wind Down

brown bear with yellow stomach stands reading a book with green coverDo not miss out on your last opportunity for prizes and free books! Turn in your Rubber Ducky Reader and Summer Reading logs by Saturday, August 2nd.

This is also the last week to try your hand to win a prize at the Disc Drop game. Stop by the Kids Desk to drop three toeksn and see if you can match the day's magic number.

This Saturday is also the Summer Picnic. The fun begins at the Norridge Park District baseball fields at 11am. Wear cothes and footwear you can run around in! Don't forget, we also close out the picnic with a big water balloon fight so bring your towel! In case of a rainy day, we will move the fun indoors at the Library. Register online or by contacting Kids World. We do not turn anyone away, but we want to make sure we have snacks and water balloons for everyone.

The Beatles by Mick Manning and Brita Granstrom

The Beatles book cover; the Bristish falg serves as backdrop as in the center in a white circle as illustrations of the four Beatles musicians“John was a rebel, but he still changed into his rocker's jeans at the bus stop so he wouldn't upset his aunty Mimi.”

Do you ever wonder what the big deal was about The Beatles?  If you don’t believe your grandparents, take a trip through the 1950s, 60s and 70s with this colorful picture book.  Starting with John and Paul's boyhood stories, it traces the formation, wild success and then the end of the Fab Four’s musical journey.  The two-page spreads offer vivid drawings overlaid with multiple cartoon boxes and panels, many revealing funny little insights about the boys' personalities or musical skills.  The chronological account also relates the Beatle’s storyline to dramatic, related world events --- rock and roll, hippies, the Vietnam War --- and how teenagers were becoming a distinct cultural group in Europe and America.

This book will appeal to kids whose parents make them listen to “oldies” in the car as well as to music fans and, er, … adults.

Find The Beatles in the Library

Find music recorded by the Beatles in the Library

Mary Jo, Kids World

Log Cabin Pickup

four photos of students' log cabin models: made from pretzels, twigs, craft sticks, and cardboardIf you are a Leigh student who currently has a log cabin on display, now is the time to take them home.

Please let the Kids Desk know you are here to pick up your log cabin- we will get it off the high shelf for you!

Thank you for the wonderful display of creativity and history.

Words with Wings by Nikki Grimes

Words with wings book cover: solid blue background, green school chair with 'desk arm', book resting open on desk items of fantasy coming out/in“The word fly
had set me free,
and I wondered,
Are there other words
that can carry me away?”

Have you ever gotten caught daydreaming, by your mom or your teacher? Gabriella’s thoughts and feelings flow like mini poems that tell her story,  Her Dad is gone, she and Mom have to move and she feels invisible at her new school.  Sensitive Gabby is a daydreamer; words constantly prompt memories and fantasies and submerge her there.  Her dreaminess helps her both escape and cope with all of the change that she is experiencing.

Gabby’s daydreaming problem is, predictably, identified as a skill by her teacher and she then feels free to express herself in writing.  Award-winning author Nikki Grimes conveys the power of words, memory and imagination in this sparse, accessible novel in verse.  Words with Wings would appeal to third through fifth graders, especially girls, who are dreamy, sensitive and/or experiencing family changes or new school adjustments.

Find Words with Wings in the Library

Find more of Nikki Grimes’ work in the Library

Mary Jo, Kids World