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The Curse of Maleficent by Disney Press

The Curse of Maleficent book cover: Aurora (young girl with long hair) is bathed in a golden glow. Behind her in the shadows stands Maleficent (black cloak, turned away for her but watching out of corner of eye, staff in hand with a drak crystal on top)"One thing was certain, however. Maleficent was a hero in the Moors that night."

Easily one of the most majestically evil characters in any animated movie, Maleficent serves as the villain in Disney's movie adaption of Sleeping Beauty. Now we are told she was a hero when she was younger? What changes a hero into a monster?

Betrayal. A thirst for vengeance.

Does Maleficent's story truly end with her death as a huge black fire breathing dragon as is suggested in the climax of Disney's Sleeping Beauty?

Based upon the story in Disney's new movie, Maleficent, this chapter book contains beautiful color illustrations that invite you to step into a "once upon a time, in a far away kingdom," circle around the question of "what makes a monster?" and stay for a "happily ever after." (It is a fairy tale after all...)

But, in-between lies a wondrous world of magic fairies and dragons, and all the adventure a fourth, fifth, or sixth grade fairy tale fan could want.

Find The Curse of Maleficent in the Library.

Celeste, Kids World

Children's Songs and Rhymes you looking to share traditional songs with your child, but cannot quite remember the words? Want to your child to experience traditional rhymes, but the Mother Goose nursery rhyme collections are just too big and bulky?

A new series has hit the Picture Book shelves perfect for one-on-one reading with two and three year olds. Rhymes like "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and songs like "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" each have their own book. The simple illustrations provide grounding for new vocabulary words. When you are ready to recite the words "off book," the song books include an activity section with movement suggestions.

Perfect for a first introduction or a refresher, these song and rhyme books make the learning fun.

Find the Childrens Favorite Songs and Rhymes in the Library.

Celeste, Kids World

Looking for Something to Do?

Display of coloring pages and a red basket with craft kits in plastic bags. Basket has a chick craft tied to its front. CHick is made from a yellow painted small paper plate and yarn for wings. It has orange construction paper dangling legs.If you are feeling a bit bored, head to the Library!

Every week, we will have a new craft to make. Look for the red basket of craft kits by the kids' magazines and free coloring pages. Make the craft at home or stop by the Kids Desk to sign out a glue stick to make it in the Library. You can also sign out crayons and markers for in-library use if you are feeling artistic.

In the next couple weeks, even more fun will be arriving! Our stuffed animals and bin of Lego Duplos will be joined by brand-new toys. The new toy bins will be located in the Picture Book Area. (Please help us by cleaning up after you are finished enjoying them.)

Storytime as well as other Summer Programs have begun. Check out our Library's Calendar for dates and times.

Stop in and visit for some great Library fun at no charge!

It's June!

Cartoon brown bear standing. He is looking at a green cover book that is open in its two front paws and smilingJune is the official start of the Kids World's summer programs! Each week will have fun activities to participate in. Don't miss out on the fun! Register today!

Summer Reading registration is open. Come in and pick up your booklet to start recording your reading minutes. Get up to 5 weekly prizes for reading anything you want! If you reach 500 minutes by the end of the summer, you will receive a free book. At 500 minutes, you will also be entered into our raffle. The winners of the raffle will get the opportunity to dump a bucket of powder paint over library staff's heads at the Summer Picnic (Aug 2nd).

New this year is our Rubber Ducky Readers. Now children from birth to 35 months can earn awesome prizes too! Register and pick up a log to keep track of the preliteracy activities you do at home. You'll be amazed at how easy it is! Then come back once a month for free books and prizes.

The  summer session of our drop-in storytime begins next week. Be sure to check out our summer schedule and get ready to explore the animal kingdom as part of our "Paws to Read" summer theme.

We look forward to seeing you in the Library soon!

Rayman Legends: Video Game Available for all Consoles

Video Game cover of Rayman Legends: red dragon's open jaws take up most of cover, inside dragon's mouth is a glowing orange resembling fire. This follow up to Rayman Origins is everything you would want in a 2D platformer and more!

There seem to be endless missons (there's a new challenge every single day if you're connected to the internet!), all favorite characters have made a return plus some new playable ones, and there are even more lums to collect.

The graphics in the game are absolutely beautiful. The different colors make it so much fun. The music is just as fantastic as the original Rayman and at the end of each world there is a rhythm based music level to complete that covers hit songs from the past (have fun figuring out the songs during gameplay!).

With so much unlockable content, cool visuals, and silly cutscenes, it's hard to get bored of playing Rayman Legends.

Find Rayman Legends in the Library

Natassia, Kids World

The Short Giraffe by Neil Flory

"The GirThe short giraffe book cover: brown sky with a few small washed out clouds; from bottom center pops up just the head of a yellow giraffe smilingaffes were very excited. They wanted it to be perfect."

It's picture day! Boba the baboon is the taking a picture of the giraffes, but there is one small problem - Geri is the shortest giraffe who ever lived. He doesn't fit in the picture! The other giraffes try to help by putting Geri on stilts, making him wings and other crazy ideas, but it's no use. Will Geri be able to get into the picture at all?

Humorous, colorful pictures support the important message of accepting and celebrating our differences!

Find The Shortest Griaffe in the Library

Bridget, Kids World

What’s Your Favorite Animal by Eric Carle and Friends

What's Your Favorite Animal? Book Cover; mixed-matched animal in center of cover: head of a gray cat with brown horns coming out of each side, red wings, blue stomach, one elephant foot, one green foot of a reptile, and a brown bushy tail."When he is happy he jumps straight up into the air and kicks his feet.  His name is Mr. Hopper and he is a real member of our family.”

 If you don’t recognize them by name, you will probably recognize some of their artwork!  Twelve favorite authors/illustrators of children’s books show and tell their favorite animals.  Each two-page spread includes an animal image and a short personal narrative describing or explaining their choice.  Some are funny, some poetic, some personal pet stories and some simple poems.  This book is worth reading and then reading again.

This picture book will appeal to readers of any age, especially those who love animals and/or the art found in contemporary American picture books.  Short biographies in the back of the book mention each artist’s most well-known books and provide their website information.

So, what is YOUR favorite animal?

Find What’s Your Favorite Animal in the Library

Mary Jo, Kids World

Hidden by Loic Dauvillier

Hidden Book cover: blue background, title in white text along bottom. Brown haired girl is looking down at the yellow star on her red jacket"Some people suggested that we become a family of sheriffs...There aren't any sheriffs in France."

The story of the treatment of the French Jews during WWII is related through the eyes of a young girl, "Dounia," and is narrated by the grandmother the girl grows up to be. The child's experience is very relatable and the older narrator's voice breaks in just enough to explain the intangible to her granddaughter (and the reader).

"Your daddy was a liar!" "My daddy didn't want to hurt me. He made up that story to protect me."

The two-point perspective allows the graphic novel to have just enough of the dark elements to stress the seriousness of its subject matter while staying appropriately hopeful for a 3rd grader. The art successfully brings the harsh and scary subject to its intended audience by using a darker palette where appropriate, but not lingering there in the shadows. Likewise, the author gives a reader an ending that is as happy as it can be while still being realistic.

Thought provoking and a good discussion starter.

Find Hidden in the Library

Celeste, Kids World

The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes

The Year of Billy Miller book cover: blue baseball cap flies across the top of the cover, the upper portion of the face of a brown haired boy. Silver Medal: Newberry Honor Book"It was the first day of second grade and Billy Miller was worried. He was worried that he wouldn't be smart enough for school this year." 
His father promises that it will be a great year for him, despite his frightening summer head injury and the goose egg that he can still feel on the back of his head. But, what if he’s not smart enough for second grade? What about his new teacher’s irritation with him? That looming poetry assignment? His mean-spirited classmate, Emma? His annoying and embarrassing little sister, Sal? As second grade progresses, Billy gains more self-confidence with what he is capable of and who he is.

This chapter book would likely appeal to second and third-grade readers who enjoy realistic fiction. Many patrons have probably enjoyed Kevin Henkes’ picture books (Chrysanthemum, Owen, Julius, the Baby of the World, and more) and might like to give his second grade point of view a try.

Find The Year of Billy Miller in the Library

Find author Kevin Henkes other works in the Library

Mary Jo, Kids World

Millions, Billions, Trillions: Understanding Big Numbers by David A. Adler

millions, billions, and trillions book cover: Large ice cream cone with pink icecream and a cherry on top; tons of multi-colored sprinkles fall from the top of the book. Children are placed at bottom reaching for the icecream“How many ice cream sundaes would one billion dollars buy? At five dollars a sundae, you could buy one thousand sundaes every day for more than five hundred years.”

This book first illustrates what large numbers look like. For example, the author shows that one million is written: “1,000,000—one followed by six zeroes.” The author then explores how a large number of everyday items look, whether readers can count to each number, how long that would take and what value the number has in dollars. Adler studies millions, billions and trillions. He also introduces even bigger numbers to his readers. Have you ever seen a quintillion? Want to?

Millions, Billions and Trillions is an excellent way to inspire a love of mathematics in young children. Bright colors and fun, full-page illustrations prevent the book from being too academic. Boost your family’s number recognition skills and pick up interesting trivia about everything from birthday parties to billionaire lifestyles.

You might not believe us but the author of this book also writes the Cam Jansen series! Who would guess? 

Find Millions, Billions, Trillions in the Library

Jade, Kids World