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Clumsy Duck by Britta Teckentrup

Clumsy Duck book cover: A brown and yellow duck with large feet fills the cover. The duck is standing on one leg and tilting to side seemingly almost ready to fall."Clumsy Duck was very clumsy. She had just fallen over again!"

Everywhere she went, Clumsy Duck tripped over her feet! She fell into mud puddles, bumped into trees and tumbled down hills. Why were her feet so big? Travel along with Clumsy Duck and Chick as they try to solve Duck's dilemma and maybe discover that having large feet isn't so bad after all. Pick up this picture book for reading time with your toddler.

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Bridget, Kids World

Star in your very own READ Poster!

READ poster: Dr. Seuss's The Cat in the Hat is holding a book titled "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut." In a graphic novel panel, the word READ is spelled out in capital yellow lettersCelebrate National Library Week all month long in Kids World.

Bring your favorite library book up to the Kids Desk in the next few weeks. After we take your photograph by our 'green screen,' you and your book will be center stage on a READ poster. 

Your poster will be on display in Kids World until the end of April, and will be available to take home in May.

There is no registration or fee. Just bring your best smile!

Dr. Seuss in the Library

A photograph of the spines of Dr. Seuss books with a stuffed Sneetch sitting next to them. Running on top and in front of the books are clipart images of various Dr. Seuss characters: Horton's trunk, Lorax, One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, Max from Grinch, Thing One, Yertle the turtle, and a plate of Green Eggs and Ham"The more things you read,the more things you'll know. The more you learn, the more places you'll go." - I Can Read with My Eyes Shut by Dr. Seuss

Universally loved by generations of children the world over, Dr. Seuss is one of the most popular authors in children's literature. With colorful illustrations and silly, outrageous characters, his stories encourage readers to use their imagination. One of the benefits of introducing Dr. Seuss to children, especially at a young age, is they will associate reading with fun. Children who learn to enjoy reading at a young age are much more inclined to become lifelong readers. Along with books, several movies have been made that have quickly become favorites.

Popular characters such as the Cat in the Hat, the Grinch and Lorax, are easily recognizable and are reader favorites, but there are multitudes of other characters with stories that are just as silly and incredulous. Kids World has just added a permanent collection of many Dr. Seuss books that are only available to read while you are in the library. Now, no matter when you stop in, there will be Dr. Seuss books available to read! This collection can be found in the picture book section, above the kits.

As a supplement to Dr. Seuss's books, there are many activities and worksheets that are available online, such as coloring pages, word searches, cut-outs and many other fun games! Visit Seussville online to find materials for parents and children that will enhance your favorite Dr. Seuss stories.

If you are feeling crafty and would like to do Dr. Seuss-themed art projects, Obseussed is a great website that has a multitude of projects that are easy, manageable and a lot of fun!

On April 5th, Kids World is hosting a Dr. Seuss Day program. Along with crafts, activities and reading, the Cat in the Hat himself will be in attendance. If you are not able to register for the program, you can still stop by and get your picture taken with the Cat in the Hat!

Find Dr. Seuss's books in the Library

Find movies made from Dr. Seuss books in the Library

Bridget, Kids World

Disney's Frozen

Disney's Frozen movie cover: Each character faces the viewer; Olaf the snowman is int the center riding a reindeer, To the right is Anna with brown hair and next to her is the Prince wearing a white jacket. To the left of Olaf is Kristoff with his arms crossed and next to him is Elsa in her ice-blue gown"Some people are worth melting for." - Olaf

With catchy songs, adorable one-liners, a winsome snowman, an expressive reindeer, and a hidden villain, this Disney movie is a lot of fun!

As it happens in many fairy tales, the royal family has a member with magical powers. In this story, Elsa was born with the ability to create winter. Snow is all fun and wonder for the princesses, Elsa and Anna, until Elsa accidentally hurts her younger sister with her power. Anna's memory of magic is erased, and Elsa locks herself away in fear. Upon Elsa's coronation as queen, the castle's gates are opened. Unfortunately, neither Elsa nor Anna are prepared to met the world outside their castle.

This Disney movie does not follow the typical Disney plot formula, so expect a few surprises. Frozen spouts the message of familial love and acceptance as well as a more 'modern' look on romantic love. For the youngest viewer, Frozen can be used to teach the simple message of "Stranger Danger."

Frozen gives writing credit to Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen, but, with so many changes to the plot, elements are more sly nods to the traditional tale than directly derived.

 The movie, Frozen, is a great family movie. Pair with Rise of the Guardians for a perfectly 'chilled' double feature event.

For young Frozen fans, be sure to stop in and pick up one of the Frozen picture books and early readers. For older readers, try the traditional Snow Queen to compare it with Frozen.

Find the Frozen movie and books in the Library

Find Hans Christain Andersen's The Snow Queen in the Library

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Celeste, Kids World

Battle of the Books

Photograph shows the back of the crowd who turned out for the Battle Ceremony. Up front (very tiny) author Eric Kahn Gale in a blue t-shirt can be made outThe Battle of the Books 2013-2014 season has officially ended. This program showcases the brains of our local fourth, fifth, and sixth graders. The local school sends teams to compete against each other based on what the team remembers from reading 20 books.

This past Wednesday, we held the Battle Awards Ceremony. Over one hundred people turned out  to watch as trophies were handed out to the top three teams and for our pizza celebration.

In addition, guest speaker, author Eric Kahn Gale, spoke about his career and took questions from the students. He kindly agreed to give an autograph for each Battle participant.

For more information on our Battle of the Books program and season, please visit the Battle page and Battle blog.

Find Eric Kahn Gales' The Bully Book in the Library

No Storytime This Week

Storytime is spelled out in captial multi-colored letters on a powder blue felt board. A book and a clock felt pieces are above the letters. Above the board peeks out "Jack the Puppet" a hand puppet using a fist and googly eyes on a pipecleaner. 'Jack' wears a yellow shirt with red stripesThis week is the Storytime's 'Spring Break.' No storytimes will be held March 10th through the 14th.

Most classes will resume the following week. However, the storytimes on Tuesday will get an additional week off as Tuesday, March 18th is Election Day. Tuesday regulars are welcome to try out one of the other storytime classes held that week. Please see our storytime schedule for an alternate day and time.

Please enjoy the break!

If you would like to do the 'Tick Tock Song' at home, our animated video may prove helpful. Follow along with Mr. Ducky as the clock chimes one - two- three o'clock!

Dog Loves Counting By Louise Yates

Dog loves counting book cover: (from left to right) a red bird witha blue tail resembling a chicken with a larger beak is hold the number'1', a white dog holds the birds hand with one hand while the other hugs a blue number '2', a branch comes in from the top with a sloth hanging off of it with one hand while the other hand holds up a blue number '3'"'I could do this forever,' he said happily.  The others agreed."

Dog loves books. And counting. When he has trouble falling asleep, he makes (and counts) new animal friends from number 1 to number 10 who, seamlessly, come out of his book and into his numerical adventure. The relation of each specific animal with its sequential number invites young readers to look carefully, to count (of course!) and to discover details that they (we!) might have missed if not for the context. The lovely, simple watercolors convey the delight of a fun adventure with new friends.

This creative and playful picture book would be ideal for any novice number-lover, from toddlers through the primary grades. Share the infectious fun of counting with your little ones.

Find Dog Love Counting, and Yates' previous hit, Dog Loves Books, in the library.

Mary Jo, Kids World

Monkey & Robot by Peter Catalanotto

Monkey and Robot book cover: on left side is a gray humanoid robot smiling with its arm through the arm of the monkey on the right side of the cover. the money is wearing a read and white striped shirtWhat do a dog, a board game, and a bowl full of popcorn in common?

This early chapter book contains 4 stories of friendship, fun and adventure. Monkey and Robot try to watch a scary movie together, but will it be too scary for Monkey? Read and find out! When they try to play a board game together, hilarity ensues as a dog steals the dice and Monkey must chase after him. They help each learn new games and ideas, as RObot shows Monkey what happens after a caterpillar creates his cocoon and Monkey teaches Robot how to play hide-and-seek. These two best friends will delight readers with their silly antics and funny stories.

With four individual stories, this book is great for early chapter book readers.

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Bridget, Kids World

ICK! YUCK! EEW! Our Gross American History by Lois Miner Huey

Ick! Youck! Eew! Our Gross American History book cover; features a man in 1700s attire on the left side; he is wearing a powdered wig witha brown jacket and white cravatThe title says it all as readers are taken back in time to 1770 to see how life really was in Colonial America: from how they dressed to medical treatment.

Filled with artwork, full color photographs and artifact reproductions, school-aged kids will enjoy a rarely seen view of history through modern eyes.

Find ICK! YUCK! EEW! Our Gross American History in the library

Jennifer, Kid's World  

Chicago Baby By Jerome Pohlen

Chicago Baby book cover. A child in a red stroller holding a blue teddy bear is being pushed by the Millenium "Bean" sculpture by an unseen adult.“Many babies say ‘Dada’ but our babies say ‘Da Bears’…”

This fun story illustrates the many unique experiences available to babies in our city. Famous sites such as the Chicago Theatre, Wrigley Field and the Art Institute are sweetly illustrated in pastels. An activities section challenges toddlers to describe colors, point out letters and name the seasons.

This book is part of the Local Baby Books series. Author Jerome Pohlen lives in Chicago and his hometown pride is unmistakable. Chicago Baby is an upbeat read aloud for little ones and their caregivers.

Find Chicago Baby in the Library

Jade, Kids World