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2014 Award Winners

Three book covers: The watermelon and the seen book cover features an alligator taking a bite out of a watermelon; Locomotive book cover features an old smoke stack train facing the viewer; Flora and Ulysses book cover features a young lady, short spiky brown hair, holding a book in her arms. Each book cover has an award sticker; Watermelon seed shows the Geisel; Locomotive shows the caldecott, Flora and ulysses shows the NewberryIf you are looking for a great new book, look no further than these 2014 Award Winners!

Flora & Ulysses: the Illuminated Adventures by Kate DiCamilio is the winner of the 2014 John Newberry Award. Follow the adventures of Flora Belle Buckman and Ulysses, a squirrel with amazing strength and intelligence, as they begin an incredible friendship. This book is recommended for 3rd Grade and older.

Locomotive by Brian Floca is the winner of the 2014 Randolph Caldecott Award. Travel back in time with beautiful and majestic illustrations that detail what it was like to travel by train in the 1860’s. Brian Floca perfectly captures a beloved era of travel by railroad with his illustrations. Readers, both young and old, will enjoy this book.

The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli is the winner of the 2014 Theodore S. Geisel Award. Have you ever wondered what might happen if you swallow a black watermelon seed? In this charming and humorous tale, one crocodile will face his worst fear and find out exactly what DOES happen when you swallow a seed. This book is perfect to read for young children and beginning readers who love silly stories. 

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Bridget, Kids World

Red Knit Cap Girl to the Rescue by Naoko Stoop

Red Knit Cap Girl to the Rescue book cover; a girl with black boot, red jacket and a red hat is flying by hanging onto to hang glider that appears to be fashioned from folded newspaper and string“We will always remember our journey together.”

How can an adventure story involve a flying machine, a sailboat adventure, forest animal friends and orca whales, yet still be quiet and calming? This is the beauty of Naoko Stoop’s simple text and evocative artwork in her second picture book starring the Red Knit Cap Girl.

You, the reader, are swept into this every-girl’s dreamlike quest before you can even wonder at the charm of her forest friends or the immediacy of the tragedy at hand. Watch her fly and sail across serene landscapes as she delivers the stranded polar bear cub to safety in this natural habitat.

This sweet, sparse tale of compassionate problem-solving would make a soothing bedtime story for any young child and her adult reader.

Find Red Knit Cap Girl to the Rescue in the Library

Mary Jo, Kids World

Up the Creek by Nicholas Oldland

Up the Creek book review: a beaver, moose and black bear are paddling in a red canoe towards the reader"They twisted, leaped, crashed and blasted through the water."

Bear, Moose and Beaver are going on a canoeing trip. They are the best of friends, but they often disagree with each other. This becomes a problem when they can't decide who should steer the canoe or what side of the canoe to paddle the oars. They begin to argue so loud that they don't hear the whoosh and roar of the raging rapids up ahead. Will the best friends be able to get along before they tumble down the rapids?

If you like the previous books in Nicholas Oldland's Life in the Wild series, you will love this latest adventure! This story of friendship reminds us that, even though we're all differnt, we can work together to solve problems.

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Bridget, Kids World

Demeter and Persephone retold by Hugh Lupton

Demeter and Persephone book cover: blue cover, girl with a white dress held around the waist by a man in a red tunic who is driving his chariot through a hole in the groundHow could six pomegranate seeds be the cause of our cold, dark winters?

This is a tale of three powerful rulers, each with their own world. Demeter’s daughter, Persephone, is gathering flowers when she is captured by Hades, King of the Underworld. Will Zeus help Demeter or even allow Persephone to return? Can Demeter rescue her daughter from the misery of becoming a shadowed queen? And what about those seeds? Read Demeter and Persephone to find out.

This hardcover chapter book is 33 pages in length with many full-page, color illustrations. It also includes a family tree for the Greek Gods, pronunciation guide and map of Ancient Greece. Recommended for 3rd-5th grade readers, especially those who enjoy learning about mythology. 

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Jade, Kids World

Movie Rescheduled

Disney's Planes: A female aircraft carrier flies in front, a male airplane with a propeller flies behind here. Words "Come Fly With Me" are at the top, "From above the world of Cars" is at the bottom

Due to the severe weather, the Library closed early, Monday, January 6th, which meant we were unable to run the scheduled program, "Movie Monday: Planes."

Good news! The flight has been rescheduled! The planes are set to take off in the month of February!

"Movie Monday: Planes" will be held on Monday, February 10th at 6:00pm.

All patrons who were registered for its original date are still registered. However, there are still openings for those wishing to watch as Dusty, a cropduster, tries to tackle his fear of heights in order to become a champion racer. Patrons may register online or by contacting the Kids Desk.

Program Cancelled

Movie Monday: Disney's Planes: shows blue sky with white puggy clouds and the wing and the nose of a planeDue to the severe weather, the Library will be closing early today, Monday January 6th, at 5pm. Unfortunately, this means we will be unable to run the scheduled program, "Movie Monday: Planes." In other words, the planes have been grounded until further notice.

A rescheduled date may be possible after a closer look at the library schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We hope everyone stays warm on this wintery night!


I Can See Just Fine by Eric Barclay

I Can See Just Fine book cover: blonde girl sitting on a wodden bench with the title in a speech bubble. She is holding a pink book upside evidenced by the ABC on its cover"Paige was a little nervous when they arrived at the doctor's office."

Oh no, Paige is having trouble seeing the board at school and she accidentally mistakes a skunk for a kitty! Her parents decided that it is time Paige went to see the eye doctor, but Paige is scared. Will she have to get glasses? What if she looks different from everyone else? With a little humor, Eric Barclay assures his readers that it's okay to be different, especially if you get to wear some fabulous glasses.

For parents with little ones afraid of making that trip to the doctor and especially for those making the trip to the eye doctor, this book is great for calming those fears! 

Find I Can See Just Fine in the Library.

Bridget, Kids World

Boris and Stella and the Perfect Gift

Boris and Stella and the Perfect Gift book cover: close up of a snow covered house. One porch, with hands a the raling, is a female brown bear wearing a green sweater. Next to her is a male brown bear in a blue vest. Both have mouths open with tongues out to catch the falling snowflakes“She shook her savings bank upside down. Only a few coins fell out. How could she give Boris something special if she had only a few coins?”

Boris is a musician from Russia. Stella is an Italian cake maker. Boris and Stella are neighbors and the best of friends. Each admires the other for their talents. They have a love of hats and scary movies in common. This year the eighth and final night of Hanukkah falls on December 24th, Christmas Eve. Boris and Stella will spend the holidays together. Both are both worried that without much money they will not be able to give one another a special gift. Will this Christmas and Hanukkah story have a happy ending? 

Boris and Stella and the Perfect Gift is a thoughtful holiday story from author and illustrator Dara Goldman. Goldman was inspired by O. Henry’s early twentieth-century tale, The Gift of the Magi. The two bears show that being with your loved ones is the most important part of any season. Young readers might be surprised by the ending of Boris and Stella and the Perfect Gift. This title is not to be missed.  

Find Boris and Stella and the Perfect Gift in the Library.

Jade, Kids World

I See Kitty by Yasmine Surovec

I See Kitty book cover: a brown-haried girl wearing a red polka dotted dress sits on the hill and points towards a cloud shaped like a cat"Can I have a kitty?" "Not today, Chloe."

Chloe really loves kitties. She loves them so much that she starts seeing them everywhere she goes. She sees them in the sky and even in her dreams, but what she really wishes for is a kitty of her very own. Chloe's excitement for finding cats in everything she sees is absolutely adorable. I See Kitty is an easy and enjoyable read for cat lovers of all ages. This book is filled with a lot of silly looking cats that will make anyone smile. This is Yasmine Surovec's first children's book.

Find I See Kitty in the Library.

Natassia, Kids World

Jimmy the Joey by Deborah Lee Rose and Susan Kelly

Jimmy the Joey book cover: a photograph of the face of Jimmy, the young koala, is centered; Below the photograph reads, The True Story of an Amazing Koala Rescue"One starry night, with her joey holding tight to her fur, the mother koala climbed slowly down to the ground [and] headed for a patch of trees across a big road.”

Jimmy’s survival story will be a high-interest hit with animal lovers of all ages. The (true) story is told in a simple chronological narrative that complements the sharp photographs.  General facts (and vocabulary) about koalas are interwoven within the story; readers will hardly notice that they are learning science during this heartwarming pleasure read. The Koala Hospital is a real place and the story has a happy ending. Appendices include a map, fast facts page, photographer’s notes and a list of recommended resources.

This book would work well as a read aloud and/or independent read. National Geographic Kids again delivers an excellent non-fiction choice for young readers; teachers and parents will enjoy it as much as the kids.

Find Jimmy the Joey in the Library.

Mary Jo, Kids World