24 Essential Back to School Items

School is horrible, but if you have to go, here are 24 essential items to make you life easier and maybe even more fun.

Scissors - Anything for coloring - Highlighters - Binders - Unlimited supplies of funky pencils - Duct tape in cool colors = Backpack, no single strap bags allowed - Reusable water bottle so you don't kill the environment - Colorful pens - Post-it notes and tabs - Note cards = Locker shelf - A good book to look like you're reading something important - Funky outfits to intimidate your enemies -A hobby like knitting or making friendship bracelets - A Google translate app just in case - Cellphone & iPod - A cute purse or wallet - A good lanyard for your student ID - Flash drives - An awesome planner to stay organized A creative lunch box, bento, tin, or funky - A really good pencil sharpener