Finals are Horrible!!!

ImageWhy I Hate Finals:
- Finals rarely raise your grade; they are made to lower your grades.
- You stay up all night studying.
- They ruin your health because you are stressed out for the entire week.
- During a long final, you lose interest in taking it and you stop trying.
- Right after 1st semester finals, you go back to school; you never get a break.
- When you are studying, you realize how much you don't know or remember.
- Having to write an essay during a final and having writer's block.
- Breaking both of your pencils during finals and having to sharpen your pencil with the noisy pencil sharpener.
- Being annoyed by people who are coughing and sneezing during the final.
- Not getting a study guide for a final, or getting a study guide and nothing from it is on the final.