Speechless by Hannah Harrington

Synopsis: Chelsea is one of the most popular girls in school; she has everything a girl could want. This is all thanks to her best friend Kristen. But Chelsea has one fatal flaw: She can’t keep a secret. So when she sets a spark off that almost kills a fellow student, she takes a vow of silence. During that vow her “friends” begin to turn on her and she is suddenly the odd girl out. With no friends and no voice, Chelsea begins to see things in a different light.

Review: Okay, so usually I’m not into the totally girly main characters, but I have to admit that Chelsea is pretty cool sometimes. Although there were some moments when I had to roll my eyes at her teenage hormones, like when her inner thoughts just screamed adolescent drama: “BRENDON RYAN IS TOUCHING ME OH MY GOD (!!!)”. But the story is over all a heartwarming story, although in the beginning it might take a while since Chelsea is a little out of touch with her emotions. She only followed what her “best friend” Kristen said and that was able to give her all the popularity she could get. Now that annoyed me knowing she was blindly following someone who could ruin her life within a minute. ***SPOILER***SKIP IF NEEDED*** When Sam, friend to Noah (the boy who was victim to Chelsea’s secrets), actually starts to connect with Chelsea (thanks to Asha, a freshmen with a heart for everyone) I began to see where this story was going. The blatant romance was easy to see from a mile away with Chelsea easily throwing away her huge crush on, the always handsome, Brendon Ryan, for the dorky Sam. I’m not a big fan of romance a lot, but Harrington pulls it off quite nicely for a teenage crush. Although the way Sam and Asha quickly accept Chelsea even after all she did was a little off setting considering she could have gotten Noah killed.

All in all I give the book a 3 ½ out of 5 unicorns. This book is for those who love romance and teenage drama, dripping with sarcasm and angst.