What The Moon Saw - Laura Resau

imageClara Luna is more or less your average fourteen year old girl. Although she likes to play in the woods instead of putting on makeup and has a father that came to the U.S as an illegal immigrant are simply trivial, irrelevant details

Those details come to light when the pieces of her father’s past fall into her lap to put together for the first time. After a letter from her grandparents arrives in the mail asking her to come and visit them. Little does Clara know that by agreeing to go she will be trekking far into the mountains of rural Mexico to discover more about her family and her father than she ever dreamed.

Laced with just the right amount of wonderment, What The Moon Saw seamlessly follows the story of a young girl on an adventure to self-discovery from the suburbs of Maryland to rural Mexico. Full of surprises and humor this book is a must read.