September 2018 Building and Grounds Committee Minutes

A Meeting of the Eisenhower Public Library District Board of Trustees Building and Grounds Committee September 20, 2018
Trustee Braun, called the meeting to order 7:05 P.M.
Present: Magnelli, Magnuson, Ross, Ringelstein, Braun. 
Absent: Rothbart, Sticha.
Also Present: Wittmann, Bacarella.
Building and Grounds
Options For Courtyard on North East Corner of Wilson and Oketo—
Director Wittmann advised that Trustee Sticha’s sister was not available to provide a plan and that we should proceed with something else.
Trustee Magnelli had a landscape architect at his work put together some plans.
Trustee Magnelli advised that it may be more cost effective to lay concrete instead of putting the pavers back in. Installing pavers is much more labor intensive than laying concrete.
Brick Paver Removal and Installation Proposals: Tommy Pollina, 3D Brick Paving, and Rosario Gambino & Son—
The committee reviewed the proposals. Tommy Pollina gave us the lowest proposal. Pollina’s proposal is very descriptive compared to the other proposals. The committee will hold off on making a decision on this until they get estimates for laying cement. Director Wittmann will get proposals for laying cement. 
Giving Tree vs Pavers—
Director Wittmann advised that if we decide not to put the pavers back in we would probably not be able to do the memorial bricks. Director Wittmann advised that another option instead of memorial bricks would be doing a giving tree. We will have to find a wall to accommodate it. The second floor wall, where the Trustee portraits are, is a possible site for the giving tree. The portraits can be moved to the wall in the conference room. The area can then be made a lounging area. 
Trustee Ross moved, seconded by Trustee Magnuson, THAT THE MEETING BE ADJOURNED. A voice vote was taken and the motion carried. The Committee Meeting was adjourned at 7:25 P.M.