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Mon – Thur: 9am to 9pm
Fri – Sat: 9am to 5pm
Sun: 1pm to 5pm
4613 N Oketo Ave
Harwood Heights, IL 60706

4613 N Oketo Ave, Harwood Heights, IL 60706

Mon – Thur: 9am to 9pm | Fri – Sat: 9am to 5pm
Sun: 1pm to 5pm

Pearl Harbor: the 75th Anniversary

On December 7th, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese, thrusting the U.S. into World War II. This year, on the 75th anniversary of the attack, historian Jim Gibbons visits Eisenhower to explore the events that led to the …

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The Deep Blue Good-by

Remember those Sony email leaks from a couple of years ago? In them we learned that super-producer Scott Rudin thought Angelina Jolie was “a minimally talented spoiled brat”, that the North Koreans hated Jonah Hill, and that Sony hoped to …

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The Infamous Ratsos by Kara Lareau

“There are two kinds of people in this world… Those who are tough, and those who are soft.”

The Ratso brothers decide to to do something to make them “look tough.” They want their father to be proud of their …

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Take Your Library Wherever You Go

Well, the holiday shopping season is here in full force. Yesterday was the notorious Black Friday, when shoppers lined up at stores across the country to get deep discounts on computers, TVs, and all kinds of other great stuff. Next …

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Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

This week, on New Music Friday, I’m recommending the brand new LP from Nathaniel Rateliff and his band the Night Sweats. This record is the most exciting thing I’ve heard in a long time. It’s a perfect melting pot of …

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How to Be Like Rory Gilmore

Your favorite idiosyncratic family of fast-talking ladies is back with Netflix’s revival of Gilmore Girls. If you weren’t a fan during its original 2000-2007 run, you’re probably not going to be interested in the four all new, ten-years-later, 90 …

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Classic Film: Serpico

Screening: Thursday, December 22nd, 1:00 pm.

The winter season of our long-running Classic Film Series continues on December 22nd with Serpico, the true story of an honest whistle blowing cop whose comrades turn against him. Directed by Sydney Lumet. Starring …

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OK Go: The One Moment

Musicians and video artists OK Go are back today with another ultra-complicated, high concept, music video. This time they took the basic theme of their song “The One Moment” and really blew it up (figuratively and literally). The entire video …

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Ghost by Jason Reynolds

“‘Who you run for?’ he asked. What? Who did I run for? What kind of question was that? ‘I run for me. Who else?’ I replied.”

Castle Crenshaw has been running his whole life. First, he ran from his dad …

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The Presidential Medal of Freedom

Tonight, President Obama awarded 21 Americans the Presidential Medal of Freedom. In his own words, “The Presidential Medal of Freedom is not just our nation’s highest civilian honor – it’s a tribute to the idea that all of us, no …

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The 2016 Game Awards

Every year since 1929, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognizes excellence in cinematic achievement as assessed by the Academy’s voting membership. We call it the Oscars, or the Academy Awards.

Every year sing 2014, The Game Awards

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This Wednesday, Disney’s newest animated feature hits theaters. In a twist on the “Disney Princess” tradition, Moana tells the story of a Polynesian teenager being trained by her father to take his place as chief of their village. But Moana …

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We’ll be closed on Thursday, November 24th for Thanksgiving and closing at 5:00 pm the day before. Even though we won’t be open, you’ll still be able to use many library resources.

Search the catalog and place holds; download an …

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More for Jack Reacher Fans

A few weeks ago I wrote about my affection for the Jack Reacher books. I like them because they’re stripped-down, fast-paced, and quick-to-read. Even quicker are the short stories by Reacher author Lee Child. These stories were written for collections, …

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Watching football on Thanksgiving has become a sort of modern holiday tradition. But, if you want to spend the day around the TV, I’d like to propose a newer tradition.

About two years ago, in November of 2014, my wife …

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Sing by Joe Raposo and Tom Lichtenheld

I found this board book appealing before realizing that the familiar, sweet song dates from Sesame Street back when I watched and sang along. The simple story (wordless until the inspiring lyrics play a part) shows a runt baby bird …

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Catalog Downtime

Over the weekend of December 3rd and 4th, our catalog will be upgraded to improve your experience when searching for books, movies, music, or any other library materials.

During this weekend the library catalog will be down. You will be

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Why You Should See Arrival

Right now is the perfect time for the movie, Arrival.

When huge black objects appear hovering in locations all around the globe, the world panics. Many people are scared. Are they here to here to fight? To enslave humanity? …

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