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Mon – Thur: 9AM to 9PM
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4613 N Oketo Ave
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4613 N Oketo Ave, Harwood Heights, IL 60706 708-867-7828

Mon – Thur: 9AM to 9PM | Fri – Sat: 9AM to 5PM | Sun: 1PM to 5PM

Cooking with Young Sous Chefs

I like having this extra time to cook with my kids. I want to send them out into the world knowing the basics: how to make pasta and rice, scramble eggs, and mix up emergency chocolate chip cookies. These are some of our family’s favorite cookbooks, as well as the titles on our To-Be-Baked list. All are available to download through Hoopla Digital or Libby/Overdrive so you can get cooking while the library is closed.

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Coloring Fun

We've all been thinking about you while the library is closed and thought you might like some fun coloring pages to work on while you're spending time at home.

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April 2020 LibraryReads List

Every month at, librarians across the county nominate their favorite upcoming books. Whichever books get the most nominations go onto the monthly list. Place holds now to get these sure-to-be popular books as soon as possible after they're released.

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Get Organized

Anyone else homeschooling from the dining room table? Digging out a place to work under the "to-be-filed" pile of papers? Have some time on your hands and finally looking to takle some decluttering? Check out these audiobooks and eBooks on Hoopla Digital or Libby/Overdrive for organizing tips from the pros.

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Big Biographies on Libby and Hoopla

I listen to a lot of audiobooks. They're the most convenient way for me to get through books. I listen when I'm folding laundry, taking the dog for a walk, or running errands. I love listening to audiobooks and these are some of my favorites available on Hoopla Digital or Libby/Overdrive.

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Engage the Family with Podcasts

If you and your kids need a break from screen time while school is closed, plug in your headphones. Here's a list of podcasts that will keep the whole family engaged and entertained.

Book Club for Kids
a free, 20-minute podcast devoted to middle grade books and readers. Each show features a trio of students discussing a favorite book, an interview with the author, and a celebrity reading.

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The 2020 PEN America Literary Awards Winners

Recently PEN America, announced the 2020 winners of their prestigious PEN America Literary Awards honoring authors who have made significant contributions to the literary world. The prizes celebrate books published in both fiction and non-fiction, including sports writing, science writing, essays, poetry, translation, and more.

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Get Romantic While Practicing Social Distancing

We all know we're not supposed to get too close to each other while COVID-19 is still at large, but we all still need a little passion in our lives. If you're looking for a boost of romance while practicing social distancing, I've put together a list of some of the bigger name romance author who have recent releases available as eBook or audiobooks that you can borrow from Hoopla Digital or Libby/Overdrive while the library is closed.

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Lift Your Spirits

Need to lift your spirits during this scary time? Here are some eBooks and audiobooks you can borrow at Hoopla Digital or Libby/Overdrive right now to make you happy, keep your mind working, or just provide an escape while the library is closed.

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Battle Three Recap

Congratulations on a good battle yesterday. We are now officially over the halfway mark, and the scores are below.

These scores include the points award for the successful challenge of a question in Battle Two. Any points resulting from challenges …

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Stay-at-Home Movie Party: Sita Sings the Blues

Thursday, April 02, 2020, 7:00 PM.

The library may be closed but that doesn't mean we can't keep the movie screenings going. Join us on our Facebook page at 7:00 PM for an online screening of Sita Sings the Blues, Nina Paley's animated retelling of the epic Indian tale of Ramayana set to the 1920s jazz vocals of Annette Hanshaw.

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