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Mon – Thur: 9AM to 9PM
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4613 N Oketo Ave
Harwood Heights, IL 60706

4613 N Oketo Ave, Harwood Heights, IL 60706 708-867-7828

Mon – Thur: 9AM to 9PM | Fri – Sat: 9AM to 5PM | Sun: 1PM to 5PM

Check Out Our Board Games!

Did you know you can play board games at Kids World? All you have to do is select a game you want to play and we at the desk can check it out for you! Easy peasy!

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BYO Book Club Recommendations

At the last meeting of the Bring Your Own Book Club, a bunch of book lovers chatted about the books we’ve all been reading lately including those listed below. Looks like we’ll be doing it again on July 1st at 3:30 PM. If you’d like to tell us about some books or hear what your fellow readers suggest, join our Zoom chat.

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Unplugged by Gordon Korman

“Bay Area Weekly just named me Silicon Valley’s Number One Spoiled Brat. Remember, we’re talking about California. Think of all the other spoiled brats I had to beat out for that title.”

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Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid

“Or that when white people compliment her (“She’s so professional. She’s always on time”), it doesn’t always feel good, because sometimes people are gonna be surprised by the fact that she showed up, rather than the fact that she had something to say when she did.”

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2021 Nebula Award Winners

The Science Fiction Writers of America named the winners of their annual Nebula Awards. Since 1965, the Nebula Awards have been given each year for the best novel, novella, novelette, and short story eligible for that year’s award.

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Camp Fire Tales Club: The Black God’s Drums

Wednesday, July 20, 2022, 6:30 PM.

Join us in the library's garden this summer for an evening discussion of science fiction, fantasy, and horror novellas. This month we'll discuss The Black God's Drums by P. Djeli Clark.

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Summer Reading Coloring Page

This year, the theme for our Summer Reading program is "Read Beyond the Beaten Path," taking you on an out of the ordinary reading adventure that takes you everywhere and let's you earn great prizes just for reading.

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Chicago Parent’s Big Book of Schools has arrived!

The Big Book of Schools is a free resource put out by Chicago Parent magazine. Inside its 70 pages is a directory of the schools (private and charter) in the Chicagoland area. Looking for a pre-school? Or, maybe a school for an older child with a particular emphasis? This magazine is for you!

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Must Love Books by Shauna Robinson

“It started with the layoffs, and then it just kept getting worse. I thought I’d get out, and I haven’t been able to, and it’s just a lot. I’m fine. It’s just exhausting to be around people sometimes.”

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The Woman Next Door by Yewande Omotoso

Hortensia James and Marion Agostino are neighbors in Katterjin, an exclusive, wealthy subdivision in post-Apartheid South Africa. Katterjin's predominantly white status quo is broken when Hortensia, a hugely successful, black designer, purchases the first house that Marion, an equally successful, white architect, ever designed.

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Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero

The Scooby Gang taught Saturday-morning-cartoon-obsessed-kids that there's a rational explanation for everything and reason triumphs over superstition. Monsters are not real. But what if they were?

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