Tick Tock Song Coloring Page

Hey fans of the Tick Tock Song made famous at our Storytime sessions, we made a special coloring coloring page just for you!

Winter Coloring Page

Today's the official first day of winter and, to celebrate, we're offering a fun coloring page for kids of all ages.

Splatoon 3 for the Nintendo Switch

The Splatoon series is Nintendo’s version of a shooting game. While that first sentence might seem strange it is also the best way to describe the main focus of the game.

Under the Sea Books and Coloring Page

The weather is warming up and we're ready to go swimming so we made a coloring page for you to download, print, and color. Of course we'll have some copies in Kids World for you to pick up when you're here for a visit. We also put together a list of under the sea books for you to borrow and read.

Mystery Picture Revealed

Thanks to everyone that participated in revealing the mystery picture in Kids World over the last few months. We hope you enjoyed working on it as much as we enjoyed watching it slowly appear.

Mario Day

March 10th (Mar10) is Mario Day! Celebrate with some new and old games from our collection. See all the different kinds of adventures Mario has been on through the years.

Upcoming Kids Crafts

Hey you crafty little crafters! Make sure to stop by Kids World every so often to see what Take and Make crafts we have ready for you to pick up. Each craft has a bunch of the supplies you'll need to make something fun.

Valentine’s Day Bookworm Coloring Page

It's almost Valentine's Day, the time of year to express your love. We hope you love the library so we made this bookworm coloring page for you to download, print, and color. Of course we'll have some copies in Kids World for you to pick up when you're here for a visit.

13 Spooky Movies for Halloween Family Time

Halloween season is here! It's the perfect time to watch some eerie, creepy, scary (but not too scary) movies. So get the whole family together, pop some popcorn and enjoy a movie or two from our this list of family friendly spooky movies.

Bad Movie Night

Have you ever watched a movie that is so bad that it’s good? Everyone talks about the big movies of the summer or the new sequel to beloved franchises but, has anyone ever told you “this is so bad you need to see it for yourself”?

Family Video Game Night

Get comfy on the couch with your family and these multiplayer games. There is something for everyone to check out no matter what system you have at home. Work together and overcome puzzles or have a big tournament to see who comes out on top.

Valentine’s Day Coloring Page

Happy Valentine's day everybody! It's a day dedicated to love. If you're as big a bookworm as we hope you are, then you probably love the library!

Coloring Fun

We've all been thinking about you while the library is closed and thought you might like some fun coloring pages to work on while you're spending time at home.

Pen and Paper Tabletop Adventure Club Recap

After keeping the jungles of Chult safe, our heroes used the treasure they earned to open up a Bed and Breakfast called the D&D B&B. Wanting to expand their business empire they set their eyes on the city of Water Deep to open up a 2nd location. News quickly spread and soon the adventures were thrown into a new treasure hunt. Someone named Volo left a mysterious note with clues leading to riches and dangers.